• I'm going to take "legal" as meaning "allowed".

    Ideally, America (more ideally, The world at large) can soon return to the halcyon liberal ideal: a heavily armed, Violent place, Where the only law is individual survival. Given that, Obviously a law against sexual harrassment wouldn't exist--but anyone willing to try to sexually harass someone else had best be toting an AP (just in case).

  • Yes it should

    A man has the right to grab any woman on her ass and its when he wants risking being attacked by the woman he is grabbing or a friend or family member and if its his wife no one can stop him and if you wife is sexually harassed you have the right to kill the man who did it

  • I know that’s you sonicbro2000

    Guys don’t even bother responding to this question this is just posted anonymously by sonicbro2000 who constantly trolls debating for child pornography and child sex. He’s a troll there’s nothing more that needs to be said about this and there’s nothing more that should be posted here. Opinion closed. Thank you

  • No absolutely not

    It is the God given duty if a man to protect women and sexual harassment go’s against that duty it is wrong as it is the duty of women to serve as care givers it is the role of men to serve as protecters you can not be sexually harassing women and be a good man

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