Should sexual orientation be a choice (through science and technology)?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Expanding human freedom with science

    If scientists can find ways to change people's sexual orientations and they do that with mice then it should be marketed and used and consumed. With development and sophistication we can eventually make it to the point where if I wanted to I could just take what ever pill I want and then poof I have the sexuality I want not just for gender but for hair color and other traits.

  • Of course, why in the heck not if it could be done safely?

    Many of the arguments on the "no" side of this debate were the same or similar before (and even for a while after) they came out with sexual reassignment surgery for transgendered people and hermaphrodites. Now people can and should have a choice if they want to pay for it and go through the process. I personally agree with the LGBT community and don't really care what those people choose to do in their own lives as long as no one is hurt and everyone is consenting, but if someone decided (just like a transgendered person), "hey, I always felt like I should be heterosexual or homosexual" and technology finally found a way to do it safely and responsibly, then who are we to tell them that they couldn't. The only thing I would have to say is that we would have to take steps to ensure that it could not be forced on anyone or that someone was not allowed to agree to a surgery under duress. I'm sure, though, if we had an advanced society that could alter someone in this way safely, then we probably would have the ability to be sure that people are choosing it of their own volition. Especially since that type of surgery would require such a deep understanding of genetics and the mind that determining if the person was choosing it for themselves would probably be like child's play.

  • Absolutely not- that's reprehensible.

    First off, it's not actually possible because sexuality is a matter of epigenetics. If you can't even pin down every factor involved, you can't change it. You're also talking about changing the nerve center of the brain, the hypothalamus. There is no way to do that safely.

    This would also create more prejudice against homosexual and bisexual people than already exists.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    As Skeptikitten said, it would require going deep into the brain and changing the hypothalamus, which can't be changed safely.

    There is nothing that makes being gay any different than liking a girl with black hair or blue eyes. It's just a personal preference that makes the world a more interesting place. Sure, gays don't have babies naturally, but having babies has always been a choice and gay couples provide homes for the orphans.

    If you can go into a brain to choose your orientation, that means you can also change other parts of the brain. The start of brain control. I don't want my brain changed; I like it the way it is.

  • This is ridiculous to assume

    Apart from the shear impossibility of this, people need to get some conviction and not be so naïve and pretend the world is all pots and flowers. The people that live these kind of lives should not be accepted. This is not "backwoods ignorance" this is called standing up for myself.

  • Life is not a game.

    Basic life struggles may be eradicated in certain parts of the world but technology allows new dangers to surface, there is always something to do so causing problems isn't the best course of action if you want excitement in your life. Reflect on the ideas you allow the mainstream media to inflict masturdbator. Plenty of discoveries are implemented without sufficient research & biological manipulation is one among many. Why drugs & self-inflicted harm is frowned upon but reproduction organ sabotage isn't will forever remain a mystery to me.

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