• They need their rights

    Every citizen in this nation has all rights as a person. I think if it's dangerous for them to have kids, Or don't want them at such a young age. So if they somehow forget to use protection, They deserve the right to the pill for what could help their future.

  • Over The Counter

    Since the morning after pill is an over the counter medication I feel that teenagers should have access to it without their parents consent. I hate to see people take birth control without first discussing the issue with their doctor because the medicines can be dangerous for some people. I think it is better to provide this product rather than withhold it.

  • Teens need their own reproductive rights.

    Sexually-active teenagers should have access to the morning-after pill without parental consent. This is because they should be able to prevent pregnancy, even if they did not use condoms or other birth control during sex. Many teens have parents they can't talk to, would be appalled if they knew they were having sex, or would even be abusive.

  • Sexually-active teenagers have access to the morning-after pill

    Sexually-active teenagers should have access to the morning-after pill without parental consent. i only say this because it will be better for some who do not talk to their parents and do not have good relationships that cannot afford to have a baby and need this to help them prevent a childs unhealthy future.

  • They need to take responsibility

    Teens shouldn't even be that sexually active. And if they are, then the parents should know. Teens need to take responsibility for their actions. Condoms exist for a reason. Use them. Parents should be notified because as the teens parents, they may desire to know what their teen has been up too.

  • No, the parents should be notified.

    I understand why it makes sense to keep the information from the parents especially if the parents would have a very negative reaction to the child having sex. However these are very strong medications that could have some very serious consequences. If the parents aren't notified then they could miss warning signs that something is wrong with their child if they begin to have a bad reaction. Teenagers also aren't the most responsible and should be guided by their parents in how to take the medication.

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