Should sexually suggestive commercials be able to misrepresent Christianity and a Christian holiday?

Asked by: Haroush
  • Don't like it but they have the right to show their shorts

    As a Christian I do find the commercial somewhat offensive and insensitive. I realize that the holiday has become largely or totally secular to a large segment of the population and I do allow room for appropriate humor. Still, many Americans consider Christmas to be a holy day as well as a holiday. I would be find it equally insensitive if focused on a Jewish, Muslim, or other religious holiday. While I am offended by it, I respect the company's right to do this under the laws of the United States provided they comply with legal standards. We as a consumer also have the right to express our views in an open forum and through our purchases. If they they don't sell their underwear they might hire a new advertising consultant next year.

  • It's called freedom of speech.

    People can make whatever kind of ads they want and nobody has a right to tell them they can't. I don't find this particular ad offensive, but in general as long as an ad doesn't violate any public decency laws, nobody has a right to take it off the air. That's how freedom of speech works. You don't just protect the speech you like, you protect all of it.

  • Why shouldn't they be able to?

    If you have ever listened to a comedian they base their entire careers on making fun of individuals, situations and institutions.

    What gives religion the higher ground and what makes it 'untouchable'?

    There seems to be a trend with religion in that the moment it is questioned or taken for face value there is outrage and its proponents become incredibly defensive.

    Another aspect we can view this from (and you may have touched on this yourself Haroush) is that religion itself has no issue with drawing a veil over the eyes of the people in matters to do with our origin and our place in the universe. On top of this they feel they have the authority to dictate what is right and wrong, how we are to act and that they hold the ultimate truth in this respect. They put themselves on the pedestal with no real evidence to back up their claims to morality except a large number of hazed followers.

    There seems to be a fear with confrontation or that we will somehow dirty up religion, but it seems to me that this is a cop out argument from religious people because deep down they know that they have no leg to stand on.

    I think part of this debate could be tackled with the separate question of whether or not morality can only come from religion or a higher power, my answer to which I'm sure you can guess.

    Posted by: cp8
  • It violates the right of those with religious beliefs.

    What has this world come to? Now we have people dancing around in their boxers in order to promote name brand boxers with a Christian theme? How wrong...

    I don't understand how a commercial like this could exist. It's beyond me. I'll like to see the reasons for supporting this issue. By the way, if you feel like wrong is being done to you, it still doesn't mean you have the right to do a wrong to someone else. Meaning two wrongs don't make a right.

    My personal opinion to this commercial is it is sexually explicit, but I know it doesn't necessarily fit the definition of that. Even though that is the way I feel about it.

    Just in case you don't know the commercial I am talking about is in a link I posted along with this opinion poll.

  • I don't feel this commercial is offensive.

    I do not believe that sexually suggestive commercials should be able to misrepresent Christianity and Christmas, but I also do not believe that this specific commercial does either of these things. Just because it is sexual and pertains to a Christian holiday does not mean it's a play on Christianity. Christmas was not originally a Christian holiday anyway, so even if it does misrepresent Christmas, it doesn't misrepresent Christianity. (Christmas started as a Pagan holiday; http://www.Livescience.Com/25779-christmas-traditions-history-paganism.Html)

  • No, they should not.

    Sexually suggestive commercials should not be allowed to misrepresent any religion, including Christianity. It will make people feel like the commercial is making fun of their choice of belief and offend quite a bit of people, I bet it would even offend people do not believe in the religion just because of the purpose of the commercial.

  • No, of course not.

    While I especially believe these types of commercials definitely should not be used to promote religious holidays, I don't agree with the oversexualized commericals for everything thing else either.. They even sexualize cereal commercials now... BUT, That commercial is absolutely disgusting. It is absurd for a country that preaches tolerance to attack one's religion with horrendously gross suggestive ad's such as that one. It also aired on NBC, .. Yes, NBC, while most parents are watching the news with their children in the room, a commercial comes on with men in their underwear, shaking their penis around, to the sound of bells.. & knowing many young boys who would especially mock that behavior, I'm appalled. YES before you say it, people do allow their kids to watch the news with them still, I know all about the parents who now think kids should not watch it, and that they believe the news is too graphic, too much for them.. Well, I just don't agree with that. I think it's good that kids know what is going on in the world, the good and the bad. The reality of our society, and the consequences of crime as well, but this commercial, how does that help? AND, even if you think Christmas is or was originated as a pagan holiday, that does not justify this matter, that's just the action of "It isn't me, so I don't care." Well, you might not care about Christmas, but what do you care about? If they blatantly dressed as Jesus, or Mohammed.. Would you care then? I think it is suggestive, and no, It's not that we have "dirty" minds. What is the reasoning? That it's cute? That it is innocent? That it's JUST a commercial? Well, you know... That type of reasoning got a lot of people killed in days of old.

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Matt_L says2013-11-23T01:47:19.080
I agree that the commercial wasn't the greatest thing to be shown on TV, but in what way did it misrepresent Christians? Was anything mentioned about Christ or His followers?
Haroush says2013-11-23T01:57:35.590
I'm talking along the lines of defamation of character. Christians simply don't act like that and value themselves more than that. Don't get me wrong. Christmas is a pagan holiday, but for those who truly believe in Christmas as being about Christ and Christianity, it's offensive. Catholics have their rights to their beliefs and traditions. This being said, I don't care if they promote their boxers like that, but to promote it with a Christmas background theme is offensive to Christian's because of the broad view of Christmas being about Christ. It's bad enough catholic school girls are seen as ****. How much worse can it get?