Should Shakespeare be a compulsory part of high school education?

  • To the one person who said no

    You stated that having it taught to us has ruined the way we know the English language, but it actually a base for most of the way we phrase curtain things and how they are pronounced. I am a 15 year old US freshman and I am in this unit right now and yes I hate having to memorize a 70 line scene and perform it in front of the class in two weeks, but I think it is very important to learn one or two of his writings.

  • Yes, students should read Shakespeare

    A lot of students never even think if picking up the script for one of Shakespeare's plays, or reading them, as they have been lead to believe the stereotype of them being boring and old.
    However, once you read his stories, you realise how brilliant the plots are and how fantastic he is at keeping his readers hooked on every word. Its no wonder so many of today's movies are based on his stories.

  • Yes, but the assignments should be changed.

    When I was in high school I was made to read one of the tragedies and it was so hard to comprehend and there was little motivation for a teenager to want to read it. I think in high school they should assign one of the comedies like A Midsummer Nights Dream. When I was in high school I decided I never would read Shakespeare again, but then a friend just recently gave me a collection and told me to start with the comedies and I became seriously hooked to Shakespeare.

  • Yes, everyone should read Shakespeare!

    Shakespeare was required when I was in high school, and now in college. Shakespeare shaped how literary work is done today. His writing is timeless, and everyone should be able to experience his plays and poetry. If a person can understand Shakespeare, then that person can comprehend anything that society and school gives him!

  • Yes, everyone should read some Shakespeare.

    Yes, high school students should be required to read Shakespeare. It is some of the greatest writing ever done, and an education without it is incomplete, and lacking in the basics. In addition, many students fall in love with Shakespeare, but would not have read him if they hadn't been forced.

  • Yes, Shakespeare Should Be Required Reading in High School

    Shakespeare is one of the greatest authors of our time. His plays were deep and complex, and the dialogue spoke to the reader or audience member on many levels. His works have stood the test of time, and therefore are useful in the erudition of adolescent children who are capable of understanding the themes in the works.

  • Yes, because Shakespeare is a valuable part of history.

    Without Shakespeare a lot of the words and terms we use today would not have been invented or created for use to use. A lot of the words he invented or created are terms that we use on a day to day basis.
    Also a lot of the old English language that is used in Shakespeare is used in other countries as an everyday language. Unlike the American language which has strayed away from old English Language.

  • Can't live if living is without you...WS!

    Shakespeare is a literary genius. He represents an enormous part of our literary history and his works form part of our literary canon. His work is prolific to say the least. He was a master of the English language and his works were/are exceedingly innovative and humorous. There are certainly many ways of teaching Shakespeare to students which are interactive and interesting. Ditto; "students wouldn't read Shakespeare if not forced" however, it is amazing how many students end up enjoying Shakespeare when it is taught with passion and innovation. His work contains universal themes to which everyone can relate. His work is also well represented in contemporary culture and many students have enjoyed the many adaptations available. In this way, Shakespeare can be applied particularly well to student 'significance' set out in the NSW Quality Teaching Model.

  • Shakespeare Responsible for Modern Language

    William Shakespeare is responsible for so many words in modern English, without his work we would speak completely differently. He created the metaphor of a "chicken" to denote a coward. His sonnets are some of the most widely-read poems in the world. Without Shakespeare, there is no opera, no Broadway musicals and no stage plays today at all. Shakespeare popularized drama in the western world by being a common man's playwright.

  • He is boring

    He is boring. He didn't impact the nation at all... He just busted the way we use english so booo hooo ... I have to do a project on him and i would prefer not!!! So if he did something so great i would like to know and maybe my thought would change...

  • Personally, I do not find his works interesting and neither do most people I know.

    His plays are way too predictable and even the plot twists he attempts are badly constructed and seem chucked in for the hell of it. Also half of what he has written has been plagiarized from other writers of his time.... Check Anthony and Cleopatra. He simply just added some fancy words and used some rhetoric techniques to make them sound better. Furthermore, he is too hyperbolic and I just find that annoying. There are too many embellishments everywhere and it makes it becomes tedious and suffocating. But that is my own opinion. I completely support people who adore him and indeed at the time, what he did was a tremendous achievement. However, I don't think we should be forced into reading his works and only those to whom Shakespeare is relevant to should study him. The world is filled with beautiful literary works and wonderful writers who express more complex ideas than Shakespeare does, and just focusing on one author is just blinkering us, thus as a result we are losing out on so much more.

  • Gives students nothing that could be useful.

    Shakespeare's style of literature is impressive and very interesting, however it shouldn't be a necessity in a high school curriculum. Reading love stories and tragedies gives students no advantage or knowledge in today's English. We should study modern english that is applicable and relevant to the students' lives, rather than reading a style of English most student's won't even bother to comprehend.

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  • Useless in daily lives

    Shakespeare was a great writer but we will never need this information in our daily lives. People should only study Shakespeare if they choose it for higher education. It does not contribute to literacy rates, and when new Zealand dropped Shakespeare from their curriculum to moved from 10th in the world to 5th for literacy rate.

  • Its not beneficial

    Why learn something thats not going to benifite us in the long run ?It honestly is something most students wouldnt mind not learning .Thats why its not needed at all , but i think its what it is but most people wouldnt want to learn it (shakespeare) ,but thats just me

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