• Absolutely yes, it is extremely important!

    I am 13 and I think that it is extremely important. He uses timeless themes and emotions in his stories that are still relevant today, he explains his characters point of views, their struggles and reasons without being judgemental. His stories are remarkable with complex story plots that show cause and effect. He has created complex characters that show how certain circumstances can cause people to fall from grace. Also to top it all of he created a quatre of the English language and it is important to homage to him for that and to understand how our language has developed. Many of his plays have been changed into a modern day settings so you can see how they relate.

  • William Shakespeare is a brilliant individual.

    I am a 15 year old student in high school, and I believe that William Shakespeare should continue to be taught. People fight the fact that his teaching are too hard, and his work is highly outdated, but a majority of time this is coming from students who would rather read about topics that strike their interest and ignore the mass population and their interest on the topic. Other's are understandable, like teachers and adults who find it aggravating, but they do not understand the purpose of teaching his work (Or perhaps they do, and just don't care, regardless.). His writing and work on the human nature was highly original, along with his elucidations on the topic and explanation on how it works, was very 'Unused,' for lack of a better term, during his time period, and has (And continues to) help inspire new writers with his plays, and other writing's and work. I believe that Shakespeare should continue to be taught in school, because his stories are deeply interesting once you get past how they were written, and once you understand what he's saying, which isn't that hard to get the gist of once you fully understand his wording. It isn't rocket science to begin with. Regardless of what you believe, you cannot say that Shakespeare's writings didn't effect the way we write, or how you view human nature.

  • Yes of course

    Shakespeare is an important part of history. His plays have violence which everyone is interested in, it teaches children about the language that is used back then and gives the a wider vocabulary. Shakespeare's plays send out messages like 'to be or not to be' This is a famous quote from Hamlet and sends out a message.

  • You uncultured swines

    In short, Shakespeare is a genius. He has shaped literature as we know it today, and still offers some of the best insight into the human mind. Those who are uncultured and don't check their facts might say "oh, his language is stupid why would we need to learn this junk?" Well you see, Shakespeare had actually created much of the English language. Others might also say "Well, Shakespeare talks about how suicide is the answer and talks about sexual stuff blah blah blah..." Well actually, suicide is never the answer but Romeo and Juliet were young and were deeply in love (plus it's just a story). To address the second part, as I said before, he offers some of the best insight into the human brain. It isn't like humans don't think about sex, because they do. It isn't like humans don't have sex because they do. How do you think you were made? Not everything is sunshine and rainbows in this world and Shakespeare can see that. The funny thing about this, is that I am actually a middle school student opposing some high school and older aged people's statements. Better get educated and know your facts because a thirteen year old knows more than you lol (just kidding I probably don't, but take some of this stuff into consideration please and thank you). Bye.

  • Yes it should

    His plays portray familiar people in situations that all of us experience at one time or another in our lives - love, marriage, death, mourning, guilt, the need to make difficult choices, separation, reunion and reconciliation among them. They do so with great humanity, tolerance, wisdom, powerful and expressive language.

  • Its fun to do

    Shakespeare if fun to do in class. Drama is fun because it is like you are back in Shakespeare's time. History is fun as well because you get to see how they live, eat and how they survived, but when it comes to English its not very fun because its hard to understand how they wrote and interpret to our modern day language. But over all I think I should be taught in schools

  • His works are genius

    Some people call Shakespeare a fraud, but regardless of whether or not he is, the works have shaped the english language and pioneered their genres. Why shouldn't we study this? The fault lies with the schools for not making the unit interesting enough. We are currently doing an assignment on this very issue in the shape of a blog, and though their will still be people who hate it, it is a more interesting way of exploring Shakespeare's works and contributions to the english language. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his works being taught in schools you can not say his works hold no importance to the english language or society.

  • Shakespeare should be taught at school

    I have no specific argument or example of why I believe shakespeare should be taught in school, although yes many people have believed that shakespeare is a fraud or someone who had not wrote those poems, but no matter what I believe that shakespeare had done his word outstandingly perfect. Most of the students in my class consider shakespeare 'boring' or 'gay' but to me he's a pretty creative man, so this is my reason why shakespeare should be taught, in my opinion (which was not very helpful to people) but still, there's no wrong or right answer

  • If Shakespeare shouldn't be taught, neither should history

    Shakespeare is a vital part of the development of the English language. As well as that, if we have to study a certain number of texts, we will learn nothing of the world around us and what has happened in the past if we only read what is relevant to today's society. Reading different texts and learning why the writer said what they did and what context it was in and from that gaining an understanding of the text is what English is all about, why exclude Shakespeare from that?

    If you don't like how sad it is, ask to study a comedy rather than his great tragedies.

    Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't be taught. I don't like geography, I hated it and couldn't understand it, but I don't sit around whinging about how it shouldn't be taught in high schools.

  • The language...Not a problem

    The language may not be the same as it is today but that does not mean that it makes his plays irrelevant. Shakespeare has managed to summarize human behaviors and feelings in a few sentences of beautiful language. His writing is also full of techniques that are beneficial for anyone's writing to learn. Any way we still use many of his phrases today so obviously they are still relevant.

  • Because he is boring.

    Why should i go to my english classroom and learn this? Why? I could be at the gym lifting all day. I don't want to sit in a classroom filled with imbeciles bitting their fingers at me. It's disgusting and obnoxious. "thos slap thy face" wise words from a wise man. Thanks you andrew.

  • It's Too Vulgar

    Shakespeare's righting is too vulgar!! Romeo and Juliet is implying that suicide is the answer to termoyl and sadness. There is violence and gore in a lot of his plays. There are also sexual themes incorporated in a lot of his plays. On another note, when in the world would we use his material any where else than a high school and collage test?

  • When will we use this in life?

    The answer is never.. There shall be no "Thy shall thou thee" when applying for a job. So people quoting that shakespeare is imperative in our lives are either "english/literature" fanatics which most people aren't henceforth students should be learning something that will help them strive in the future instead of "teaching a fish to climb a wall." thanks m8.

  • No to Shakspeare

    Seriously, I am a 15 year old student and I would honestly prefer to listen to the boring election than have to listen to the life of a 50 year old gay guy who is in love with his best friend and almost dies because of him. I seriously took no interest to it whatsoever, the book was way too difficult to understand and I was constantly reading the modern translate to understand the language.

  • Shakespeare is irrelevant

    I am a Mother, and Shakespeare today does not spark an interest in today's society. Our Children need to be mentally challenged with real issues facing today's youth. We need to focus on World Changers. Our Children our no longer children. They have access to the most horrific crimes, injustice, poor politics, and religious confusion. We need to leave Shakespeare to the thespians interested in his work, and take time to acknowledge the real issues that our children click on the Internet that goes unspoken causing stress, confusion, and mental excursion. Why are we teaching Shakespeare and not commuter code? Our Worlds drop out rate is at an all time high. Shakespeare did nothing to assist with my growth and I have never needed to quote Macbeth. Everyone is an individual and should be taught to challenge themselves to find literature that's gives them that spark to continue reading. In the U.S, many of our cities are going bankrupt and are poorly run. Detroit has been destroyed, pensions have been cut. Shakespeare does not touch teen pregnancy, jobs, outsourcing or extreme poverty. Move on America.

  • No!

    I don't believe that Shakespeare should be taught in schools anymore. Shakespeare is very outdated now, and pretty much dead. Plus, It's very boring material for students, and only a certain type of personality can appreciate it. Let's make school reading material just a little more interesting in the 21st Century!

  • It has no current meaning

    As a 13 year old, i dont want to be hearing about old people who have nothing to do in their lives. All the language is not understandable and has no reference to modern day happenings. He might be a great writer but we should not be forced to read it at school.

  • Needs to be translated

    We do not make the students read a book in any other foreign language. Shakespeare's language is so old that it is almost the same as making them read Italian or Greek. The moment that a piece of writing needs to literally be translated to the class, it is not valuable for them to be reading.

  • Irrelevant to our world

    Shakespeare was a brilliant writer. No doubt about it, but it is a completely different language to what we use now, making it harder for students to understand the plots. Instead students should be studying modern literature that has meaning but is not outdated like Shakespeare. Furthermore, students have absolutely no use for it later on in life.

  • Shakespeare's works are no longer relevant to today's day and age.

    Shakespeare works are difficult for students to relate to and often require deep analysis in order to fully understand. The majority of high school students would prefer to study works that pertain to more modern times. Shakespeare is appreciated by those who find interest in his works. As a high school student, I personally find works of Shakespeare irrelevant to life today. As time has progressed, many traditions, styles, and ways have been long forgotten. Although Shakespeare should not be forgotten, his works should simply be set aside for those interested in such a thing to discover. Instead schools should be focusing on discovering modern works and talents in studies such as literature to teach their students, which students would perhaps enjoy learning and analysing.
    -opinion of a grade 11 student

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