• Yes, effective investment has to rely on more than personal taste.

    Shaquille O'Neal would have been wise to invest in Starbucks, despite not liking coffee himself. Decision about which businesses to invest money in should be driven by the potential for profit, not by one's individual consumer preferences. Unless his objections to coffee are based on his ethics rather than his tastes, Shaq made a mistake by passing up on the opportunity to invest in Starbucks.

  • Yes, Shaq should Have Invested in Starbucks Despite Not Liking Coffee

    Shaq turned down deal to open Starbucks because 'black people dont drink coffee' He should not have given this reason and turned down the deal. Starbucks is a popular brand and making investments in it would have proved to be profitable and brand building exercise for him. I feel he should have gone ahead and invested.

  • It's a business decision.

    I don't think you have to invest only in things you like. Starbucks is profitable, and Shaq investing in it is a business decision. Although it would have been better if he did like coffee, I don't think liking coffee prevents him from investing in Starbucks. In the end, it's his choice.

  • Shaq missed out on millions by not investing in Starbucks

    Shaq has a right to invest his money where ever he wants to. He made a decision years ago not to invest in Starbucks based on his own home life. He felt that, because no one in his house drank coffee, that no black person drank coffee. This narrowed view ultimately cost Shaq millions in earning potential when he turned down the offer by Starbucks owner Howard Schultz. While he might regret his missed opportunity to make even more millions than he already has, at the end of the day, it's his money, his choice.

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