• Of course it should.

    The first amendment isn't a prohibition of religion in the court room, It's a guarantee of the free practice of religion and the promise to make no official state religion. I'm a Christian and I feel Sharia should not only be allowed for Muslims in court, But any legal, Criminal, Or civil matter involving a Muslim should be under the jurisdiction of their holy system. Even if a plaintiff of defendant is not a Muslim. That's what their religion says, And our first amendment says that's their right

  • No, No, No, NO, NEVER!

    No, No, No, NO, NEVER! I have to write 41 more words. Bad. Evil. From Hell (and I don't believe in the Devil or Hell), A Hell Realm. In Islamic court women only count for 1/2 a person. If allowed in the US, Mass murders will ensue. Evil, Bad, For ALL HUMAN KIND. Wake Up!

  • Sharia Law is incompatible with modern laws

    I'm not an American citizen but I do know Sharia law is a foreign law that should be refused out flat anywhere in the Western world. We should never consider it an alternative either. We have our own systems, rules and laws to embrace dignity and freedom. Countries have fought hard and lost many to get the freedom we deserve. A country cannot operate under two systems and would tear us apart. Leave their 7th century laws to the developing worlds. It doesn't stay with us.

  • We have our law.

    No, Sharia law should not be allowed in US court cases, because we should not allow a minority group to operate under their own law instead of our own. We have our own rules and standards in this country. To allow Sharia law is to give into the terrorists. We love the liberty that we have in this country.

  • Separation of church and state

    We have a separation of church and state in America, and Sharia law, as well as any other religious law, should never be practiced in the courtrooms of the United States. This applies in all and any cases, and it is our duty to take religion out of governance worldwide.

  • No It Should Not

    I do not believe Sharia law should be allowed in US court cases. Sharia law was not created within the United States and it does not apply here. The only laws that matter in court within the United States are the laws that were enacted and created by this government.

  • Read up on the First Amendment.

    Perhaps the asker of this question is not familiar with the American judicial system. I'm hoping that's the case. Because otherwise, there is no excuse for such astounding ignorance of the First Amendment, which draws a line between the government and religion. Sharia law, like any other religion's laws, should not be allowed in US court cases.

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