Should sharing the expense of the rich be a part of social equality?

  • Yes it should be

    Maybe if the rich would spread their wealth and ease the suffering of all the poor people, then there would be a tremendous drop in violence and crime. Maybe the rich people could help pay for the poor peoples education and donate to them more so as to bring balance to the economy.

  • Yes, sharing the wealth of the rich should be.

    There is no way that the poor can share the expenses of the rich so I imagine that this question has to do with sharing the wealth that the rich have accumulated. Since they have accumulated it with help from the government in terms of its tax laws, then yes the poor should share in it.

  • This will lead to socialism

    Reward and motivation will be taken out. IF you earn a million dollars in a year, only to have most of it taken away, your motivation will diminish. This is why socialism has always failed throughout history. In his travels, Benjamin Franklin has noted that countries that do more for the poor have a larger poor population, while countries that did less for the poor had a lower poor population. This is why we should not have wealth redistribution.

  • You don't have a right to what is someone else's.

    No, sharing the expense of the rich should not be a part of social equality, because you do not have a right to what someone else has simply because you are living and breathing. We are all people, and we are all capable of working hard. Get your own instead of taking from someone else.

  • The rich should pay their fair share.

    The questions seems a bit skewed. Why should the expense of the rich be a part of social equality? Unless the questioner meant to ask,"Should sharing the wealth of the rich be part of social equality?". In either case, I would say no. Those who utilize the infrastructure and protections created by the government such as commerce regulations and security implementations should pay their fair share.

    The more an American citizen earns the more he or she can take advantage of the opportunities and luxuries that wealth can bring to an individual. Without the management of commerce, social services and international relations as well as national security, those advantages were not be in place. It only seems wise that one should be responsible to give more than those that cannot enjoy those opportunities and luxuries.

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