• Should be banned

    Because when you cut off a sharks fin and throw it back in the water the shark can not swim and either drowns or bleeds to death
    I speak for the sharks and I don't want them to be killed.
    Yes, sharks kill 10 humans a year but compare that to the 25 billion sharks that are killed by humans.

  • Shark fin soup should be banned!!!!!!!!

    I think it's cruel to kill the shark for their fins. Fisherman just cut out their fins and throw them into ocean again. Sharks is now is an endangered animal, if we keep eating shark fin soup, more and more sharks will be killed and finally it will extinct. So please stop eating shark fin soup anymore!!!!!

  • Don't be dumb

    It is really obvious. It has to be banned. It is cruel to kill sharks like that. You are 16 times more likely to be struck by lightning than bitten by a shark. We kill billions of sharks each year.
    They are at the top of the food chain, and if they went extinct, the seal population would go out of control. The seals would eat all the shellfish so we couldn't enjoy oysters or clams. Also, other animals that have shellfish as their main diet will likely go extinct.

  • Yes i agree that it should be banned! It is a cruel practice, endangers the sharks and affects the marine eco system.

    The act of killing sharks for consumers itself is cruel! Isnt it inhumane to siege sharks, cut off their fins and toss then back into the sea to bleed to death? I am very sure you wouldnt like if it happens to you. Sharks are fast facing extinction because of this issue. Did you know they are on the red list of threatened species? As an animal lover, it would be really heartbreaking for us to see another animal extinct. This brings me to the next point, affects the marine eco system. Yes they are at the top of the food chain but its their job to keep the marine eco system well balanced.
    Sharks play a huge part in the marine eco system, without even us realising it is helping us keep it well balanced. Sharks torture humans? No, its once in a while you see on the news about sharks killing humans but every year the amount of sharks being killed is more than you can imagine. There isnt even any evidence of shark fin's benefits. There are so many things that could replace shark fin's soup with something that is actually beneficial. Its very sad for me to see people saying no to banning shark fin's soup. Animals have feelings too.

  • Yes they should be banned!!!!!!

    Its just so sad cutting off sharks fins and throwing there body away to either starve to death or bleed to death and turning them into shark fin soup that's just cruel and selfish. Imagine someone just comes and slices off your hands how would you feel stop shark finning forever!

  • Sharks are important!

    We should not kill sharks it is very cruel and will lead to causing bad things to happen to the ocean and it doesn't matter what you say "people need there jobs" we need sharks!!! So badly we can't just kill them for food think about it its mean very mean.

  • Shark finning is Idiotic

    Killing sharks is terrible. Its barbaric and inhumane. Millions of ecosystems depend on sharks. If sharks go extinct, we will have mainly fish in the sea food department. When they get tossed back into the sea sharks and fish will eat them while the victim shark is still alive. Imagine if this was done to animals like sheep and cows and horses. How cruel is that?

  • Yes. We defiantly need to ban Shark fin soup! It is destroying the ecosystem, and we need to stop.

    Shark fin soup is one of the favorite foods in Chinese traditional wedding banquets and birthday banquets. People like to eat it because it is very tasty and can show that they are wealthy, because shark fins are expensive. I don’t think we should eat shark fin soup because it is cruel to the sharks to chop off their fins, it makes them more endangered, and there is no proof that it would make people healthier.

    First, I think that being cruel to the sharks is not good. The fishermen ended their lives out of money. The people eat the shark fin soup out of pleasure, because they think it is very tasty. They are eating them at wedding banquets, because they think it is a tradition and it is important to treat their guests well. But this really makes the sharks’ life miserable. I have seen people eating the shark fin soup at a wedding banquet, and it makes me really mad, because I could imagine the shark’s fin being chopped off, and the shark was thrown back into the sea.

    Next, the people that eat the shark fin makes them more endangered, because sharks are the top predators of the ocean, and if they get their fins chopped off, they will either die or lose their balance. They cannot find food to eat and will starve to death. When too many of them are killed, the prey will keep on reproducing offsprings, and soon, there will be too many prey and very few predators to eat them to balance the ecosystem. Once the ecosystem is disturbed, there will be serious consequences on even human being.

    Finally, there isn’t any proof that it would make the people healthier. The advertisements tell you that eating shark fin soup makes your bones healthier, but when people eat it, nothing good comes out of it - they stay the same. Some people say that shark fin soup will give you protein, but there are other kind of food that have protein as well, not just shark fin soup.

    In conclusion, I think that eating shark fin soup is just a kind of food that doesn’t make you healthy, but when you eat too much it makes you sick. I think that maybe if we didn’t eat many shark fin soup for every wedding people host, or every party, the sharks will be saved, the ecosystem will be balanced, and people would be more healthier. Eating too much shark fin soup is like eating too much potato chips - they don’t make you healthier.

  • Crime, unnatural, stupid

    Why should we kill sharks for their fins? They kill humans and are one of the most feared predators on earth, but it is not a reason to fish them out of the sea, cut their fins off while they are alive, and trow them back into the ocean. They don' t have to suffer. What you should do is try to put yourself at in their position, try to imagine yourself as a shark being fished, and get your fins cut off while you are still alive. Do you feel the hurt and pain? Imagine what it would feel like for the sharks.

  • Yes Shark fin soup should be banned.

    It should be banned to make shark fin soup as it requires killing the animal in order to make it. I can understand hunting animals we need to eat in order to survive, but killing an animal that is not even on land in order to just steal its fins and leave its body to rot is just not alright.

  • We should continue eating shark fin soup

    As you know when you eat the shark fin soup, this is healthy to our body, you may say there are also many drugs can have this function buy you should think we also hunt another animal for getting the nutrients form it. So eating the shark fin soup must stand.

  • Shark fin shouldn't be banned

    IT is a Asian culture and if nobody eats it, sharks will eat all the fishes on earth and there will be no more fishes left for us all to eat and even though if you think it's not healthy, it's just a little bit unhealthier then vegetables. Sharks also torture humans, so why can't we torture them back?

  • A very one-sided "debate"

    The shark may once have been the top predator in the oceans, but Nature and natural selection have decided that that title now belongs to humans. We kill and eat sharks (by enjoying shark fin soup) just as we consume huge quantities of other fish and animals. Get over it!

  • I lik da soup

    Da soup of da shark is good. I very much lik da soup of da shark. Lalalala lalalal lalalal lalala alalal alalala alallal alalalla alal al l lalala alala al aal lal a ala al al al a l al al l l al alal lalal lal lla la a

  • Humans are the dominators!!!

    We are most powerful one in the nature, so why can't we choose to eat shark fins? As long as shark can eat whatever they want in the ocean. Only assholes will agree to ban the consumption of shark fins. It's just simply our right to choose what we want, isn't it ?

  • It should not be banned

    It will be to black marketing, fish fins also can make fisher mens have steady income, not to mention that shark fin soup is good for your health, shark sin soup is very expensive so not much people will buy very frequently and mostly it is a Chinese tradition it represents wealthy and much more so don't ban it!

  • Sharks DONT deserve this

    Why would you be the killer sharks only hurt you if you do something that disturbs them or they think your a seal. I know it may be wrong to defend a shark but, think if you were in their spot. It is heartless to cut of a sharks fin and put it back in the water to bleed out or drown. Im sorry that I dont want or need to eat some soup, we will be fine without another food product. We should not hurt the sharks, they dont mean to hurt us so dont mean to hurt them!

  • It shouldn't be banned.

    Shark fin is usually consumed in the form of soup by Chinese. It is part of the Chinese culture to have shark fin soup in important days like someones wedding. If shark fin soup is banned, it might be racist and disrespectful to the Chinese culture. Also, a lot of fisherman are replying on shark finning to make a living. If shark finning gets banned, a lot of fisherman would be unemployed and it is extremely hard for them to find a job. Although sharks are becoming extinct and shark finning is seriously damaging the ecosystem of the sea, but it is not necessary to ban shark finning completely. Some restriction of shark finning can be proposed, to help increase the number of sharks back to a amount where overfishing them wont be a problem, but banning it completely is just causing too much trouble against the Chinese ethnic and all the shark finning fisherman.

  • It's not the soup it's the way of treating the animals

    It's not wrong to kill sharks for food, as long as we also keep pigs and cows for the same purpose.

    But other than these do we not raise the sharks in farms (we just take from delicate ecosystems) and we don't kill with the intent to cause as little pain as possible. Throwing the disabled sharks back to die is just horrible. Kill it like a proper fish, use as much as possible.

    If we find a better way to treat sharks like the other animals we kill for food, we certainly don't need to abolish/ban fin soup and all the culture related to it.

  • Regulation is a better option than banning it.

    The "Yes percentage" is being unrealistic. People especially in China will not fully accept the ban, and loopholes will always be found. I am concerned for shark and endangerment of their species, however I believe regulations will do a better job of saving sharks than cutting off the trade immediately.

    No government in the world would completely ban it. Never. Riots and protests would arise from fishermen as well as a percentage of the citizen population. I believe regulations like price being raised to astronomical proportions, laws on the amount to be shipped, and specific "shark import seasons" for an amount of time where a fixed amount of fins may be imported is a more realistic approach.

    The inhumanity is caused by fishermen not following the rules. Anyone against the rules are an enemy of the state, and should be shot along with their families as a result of breaking the law. A law concerning the amount of fins, the allowance of how many sharks per fishermen is allowed to be caught, the compulsory usage of other body parts of the shark for shark steak, etc, and the shark import season ranging from a few weeks to a few months will curb the extinction rate and suppress riots and uprisings.

    Some of the arguments on the other side are rather naive, however respect and pity for their inability to understand still stands.

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