• It is a cruel practice!

    Shark finning is a cruel practice! Sharks can be eaten alive, drown, bleed to death, or die of hunger. Cutting of the fins of a shark is the equivalent to me cutting of you hands and feet, locking you in a crate, and leaving you there to die alone !!!!

  • We should ban shark finning

    Shark finning does a lot of harm to the marine ecosystem. Many people argue that sharks eat people which is very much untrue. It is scientifically proven that sharks do not like the taste of human flesh or blood. Only about 5-12 people are killed globally due t sharks. We kill 100 million of them every year for something as dumb as shark fin soup. Sharks are seen as man eating monsters when in reality, they are highly sophisticated animals and they are actually very gentle

  • Don't kill shark

    Don't kill sharks there important p l e a s e t h e y a r e a m a j o r p a r t o f o u r e n v i r o m e n t. S t o p n o w

  • No shark finning

    If sharks went extict this would lead to the extiction of other animals. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes yes definitely

    Sharks are a vital part of the ecosystem - without them entire food chains could collapse. The culture that "requires" shark fin soup should be stopped - they are supporting a cruel and unjust practice. Sharks have vital parts of their body cut off and are thrown back into the ocean and left for dead.

  • Save them now

    Sharks are needed in the food chain, we shouldn't kill sharks cause they kill us, even if it is delicious (its not). It would be like cows and chickens killing us. Shark finning is the worst also because we take the fins, then dump the shark back into the water so it dies. It also attracts more sharks to that carcass, so they just kill and kill until either theres nothing left or not enough room for more.

  • Shark finning should be made illegal

    All that shark finning does is make a soup that doesn't even taste the good. Shark fins are almost all cartilage, so they are used just as a thickening agent. So why kill a shark just for some bad soup? It doesn't make any sense to me. And Sharks only kill us because we are food to them, same as animals are food to us.

  • Shark finning not only damages the amount of sharks in the ocean, it sends the whole marine food chain into havoc.

    We already have all of the food we need, why do we need to add tasteless fins into a soup that is sold for over $100 a can just to add texture? This is completely inappropriate and we need to stop this from happening. Some may argue that it brings others money that they need to support their family, but if crime is how they want to help their family, then what has this world come to?

  • Yes it causes harm to the marine environment.

    Right now many species of sharks are endangered due to overfishing and finning. These species keep prey populations in check and ultimatly contribute to a healthy underwater ecosystem. Not only this but shark finning is wasteful and inhumane the the live sharks are often thrown back in where they drown.

  • Shark fining is horrible

    Yes they kill ten people on average a year but do you know how many sharks are killed a year about 20-30 billion sharks are killed a year!
    They are just gentle creatures. Hardly any of them eat meat.
    They are so gentle and harmless why would you do such a thing?

  • To be honest

    Sharks are not misunderstood! If you were to get bitten and lose a limb from a shark, u would hate them and also be terrified of them.I dare you to go in a shark tank and see if they are as nice as you say they are!

  • To be honest everyone on yes is supporting the sharks

    If u where to be bitten by a shark right now u would hate them for life stop defending sharks when u are probobly scared of them i dare u to go in a tank with 20 sharks u will piss ur pants and most probobly die! SO STOP BEING STUPID AND THINK BEFORE U SAY!

  • Shark finning causes harm

    Shark finning not only causes harm to the sharks, but to humans too. Mercury in the sharks is extremely poisinous to humans. It can cause diseases or even death. Shark finning also changes the food chain greatly. The sharks that are killed are thrown back into the ocean to sink to the bottom and die of starvation or drowning. So I say YES to bannning shark finning.

  • Shark fins should not be banned

    More sharks would be killed and sharks will become extinct and the ecosystem will really go wrong and it is really mean. They eat humans thinking they are seals. That is why they eat humans because they swim just like seals. That is why people should not cut the fin of a shark

  • If in real life, I would choose YES, but I'm practicing for homework.. So here it goes.

    Shark finning provides a lot jobs. People hunt, export, and sell. It makes a huge profit- a billion bucks per year. Did you know that sharks kill 10 people an year? That is wayyy to many! I mean, 10 people, with live! We are protecting ourselves. A lot of restaurants, weddings, and ceremonies use the soup. Banning it is kinda.... IDK, RACIST MAYBE?! And yea, killing sharks that way IS cruel, but why bring the whole body when one single shark fin can bring you so much mula? Imagine how big the body of the shark is. It would take up so much space. And what if the shark comes alive... CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP.... Fisherman dead. -.-

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