• Nah fuck you

    I like my buddy Jaws okay, they just want to enjoy the saltwater, and ya know devour some gays, but then again you're the one intruding so heck you. Also it's kinda dumb to think that if there is something unfit for this world that it should be man's responsibility to deal with it, sharks wouldn't be killing people if people weren't so gay.

  • No way they should

    No shark should be killed. Sharks are part of the environment and food web. We are meant to take care of the earth and all creatures in it. Sharks could be taken to wildlife centers or surfers could be more careful around shark-infested waters. Sharks are living creatures and should never be killed for fun.

  • Sharks play an important role

    People actively killed sharks all the time in the past. After all, to an uneducated individual, all they've done for us was scare, bite, and eat us.
    We know a little better now. Sharks don't WANT to eat a human. We don't look anything like what they eat unless we're on a surfboard. Turns out, declining shark population leads to some serious issues in the marine environment. For the same reason you shouldn't kill every bear or hippo, you shouldn't kill every shark.

  • No sharks are amazing

    They are helping the oceans live healthy and are not to be killed for food and left to drown pigs and dogs kill more people a year than sharks do why should they be killed for fun sharks teething is for sport sharks just get mistaken people as seals sharks are good

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