Should Shia LaBoeuf apologize for his repeated plagiarism?

  • He is guilty

    He is guilty, there is no denying it and nobody has tried to. He is guilty and he is being immature (not to say that he has not been being immature to begin with), and he should apologize. Then again, he is not trying particularly to reconcile his image, so it doesn't matter.

  • LaBoeuf Needs to Be Blacklisted

    Without a doubt, all of Hollywood should blacklist Shia LaBoeuf for his repeated plagiarism. The fact of the matter is that his apology for such acts was actually plagiarized from another apology written by someone else. With that in mind, LaBoeuf has no place in Hollywood right now and should stay out for good.

  • He should, and he has

    Yes, Shia LaBoeuf should apologize for his repeated plagiarism. And he actually recently did a performance art piece in a Los Angeles gallery in which he held individual audiences with anyone who wanted to come and speak his mind with him on the subject. He's also apologized through more traditional means. Can we please stop beating up the kid now?

  • Shia LaBoeuf should apologize for his repeated plagiarism.

    Shia LaBoeuf should apologize for his repeated plagiarism. He should apologize and feel guilty for everything that he has done. I do not think an apology would help with the issue unless he agrees to stop plagiarizing. I hope he does the right thing and apologizes to the people that he has hurt.

  • He's having a meltdown

    Don't we all remember the Shia LaBoeuf from Even Stevens? He is a really talented individual who I think is stressed out and is having a public meltdown. I don't think he needs to apologize for the repeated plagiarism because I don't think anybody really believes that those were his own words.

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