Should Shinseki be brought up on charges as a result of the VA scandal?

  • Yes, if there is enough evidence.

    If the evidence shows that he knew about the long wait times and encouraged them as a way to save money or simply did nothing to improve the situation then I believe charges of negligence should be brought against him. Many veterans were forced to wait for cruicial services and as a result many died or suffered long term ramifications because of this failure.

  • For what? Believing the falsified data in front of him?

    The Bush Administration didn't address the VA problem, for 4 long years! Should we bring some of them up on charges? Like negligence? Shinseki was a fall-guy. Bottom-line, those who falsified the documents should be brought-up on charges. Any doctors, who knew of the problem & ignored it, should lose their medical licenses. And if these actions led to a death ... Throw the book at the whole sorry lot!

  • No he shouldn't

    I do not think that Shinseki should be brought up on charges as a result of the VA scandal. I feel this way because I do not think that he knew what was going on. He was lied to and so it is the fault of those that did it and those that lied about it.

  • No criminal charges should be filed

    Shinseki, while at best ignorant and at worst incredibly negligent, rightfully resigned, but he is nothing more than the sacrifice to quell the uproar at the wider spread of corruption in Washington. The VA issue with backlogging is a big issue, but it is laughably minuscule in comparison to the trillions our government can't account for at home and in Iraq/Afghanistan, money buying influence in lawmaking, AG sponsored plans under Bush and Obama that flodded Mexican cartels with guns they can't find that have resulted in hundreds of deaths, etc.

  • I am not sure he did anything illegal

    He certainly seems to be guilty of being incompetent or a poor manager. He didn't create the backlogs, but didn't do anything to fix them either. Our Veterans deserve prompt access to care and assistance they need. Unless it can be proved that Shinseki deliberately did something illegal, or chose to look the other way while illegal acts occurred, he shouldn't be charged.

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