• Why not you say?

    Most of us have dogs and cats and we let them walk around the house. I wonder if the people who won't walk around the house with shoes on own pets. Do you wash your dogs feet every time the come in from outside? Do you have a little alarm at the cat litter box to know when your cat goes to wash there feet? This would actually be the only time I'm pro-choice.

  • Hell to the no!

    I come from a culture where we absolutely never wear shoes in the house: we always remove them upon entering anyone's home. Doing so prevents one from having to clean the floors so often. After all, our shoes pick up all kinds of filth outside: mud, dirt, saliva, feces, to name a few.
    Also, something I never quite understood is why some people wear shoes in their homes, then complain about how much they have to spend to have their carpets cleaned. It seems just a wee bit counterintuitive.

  • Its so very bad

    How do you put up your feet what if i have bits of squirrel carrcass on my shoe then what gorss sf sfdf dfsd fsd fd fdsfd fsd sdf fds fsd fsd fd f df f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f f f

  • So Many Reasons for No

    First, as my mother has reminded me since the day I got shoes, "Dirty shoes make a dirty house." If your shoes are all muddy or dog-dooey, or dirty or whatever, you're tracking that through your home. Ew! Second, don't you ever feel the need to let your shoes free--take off socks and shoes and have your feet unburdened? There are so many more reasons with unrefutable knowledge like that.

  • I think it is uncivilized

    Why would you want to wear shoes that was just recently outside in the dirt (and god knows what else) in your home where it is supposed to be cleaner and separated from the outside. I find it contradicting to the purpose of a home to wear outside shoes inside. Additionally, your floors will remain cleaner if your don't. I would also rather wear comfortable slippers when I get home rather than shoes.

  • A firm no

    To have the shoes that have been stepping all over outside inside my house would make me very uncomfortable, imagine all the dirts and germs spreading all over the house.Bedsides, I always find it liberating to take my shoes off when I got home, I feel my feet could finally breath after a long day.

    Posted by: dhcc

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