Should shows containing violence and other adult content be banned from viewing by children?

  • Yes, ugly violent scenes can damage those who view them and those who make them

    Children are prevented from seeing truly violent and unsuitable
    content by the movie rating systems that keep children out of many films. Cable
    television providers also allow parents to lock children out of certain kinds
    of programming. These safeguards protect young children from violent and ugly
    images. The problem is that rebellious teens sometimes find the prohibitions
    enticing. A better approach might be to teach teens that violence is actually bad
    for the people who watch it and that performing in unsuitable scenes can actually
    damage the lives of people who are induced to do it.

  • Mature Content Not Bannable

    There's no way we could possibly ban children from viewing shows that contain violence and adult content. Even child filters don't work on cable boxes, so parents should simply take other measures to prevent their children from viewing such content. Then again, some children are mature enough to view this content.

  • No not banned.

    I do not think that shows containing violence and other adult content should be banned from viewing by children. I am not sure how that would work anyway without banning the shows from everyone. However, I think it is up to a child's parents to regulate what they can and cannot watch.

  • Shows containing violence and other adult content should not be viewed by children.

    Children are not mature enough to watch programs with adult content. Television networks should broadcast warning to parents about the content of television shows before they are played. Responsible parents should not let their young children watch inappropriate programs. Otherwise, kids could grow up being violent or with other mental problems.

  • Violent Media Not Banned

    We shouldn't ban violent media from the eyes of children because it's impossible to enforce such a ban. Rather parents should actually take some responsibility for once and parent their children properly so that they know not to watch these shows. Too many absentee parents allow their children to watch whatever they want.

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