• Equality for everyone

    As long as two consenting adults are in love and not harming anyone the government should not be able to tell anyone who they can or cannot marry. We are changing laws for same sex couples to get married why not siblings, brother/sister, brother/brother or sister/sister. The government needs to stay out of the bedrooms of people.

  • Yes and No

    First off, if we are indeed speaking about America, then yes they can and it would be their right too, it's what freedom is. And no government or church organization should have any way int he matter, same goes for gay marriages. Now that i said that, I do not think they should be able to get married in a church under god, including gays. It should only be a court wedding no priest or anything just a court official that is certified too. But I am against siblings marrying because i think it's wrong. But you can't be fore freedom and be against someones personal choice at the same time.

  • The government has no right to keep two consenting adults from love...No matter how strange.

    Well, it may be strange and taboo, but homosexuality once was too.
    It has been found that there are actually very few health risks to a child born from such a union. It would have to be multi-generational to be likely to cause true harm. In light of this, in the unlikely event of siblings falling in love, why not let them get married. It likely won't hurt anyone (though they may be disowned by their family). Regardless, it is my opinion that the government should not be able to dictate whether consenting adults can or can't be married.

  • None of the government's business

    Yes, they should get married. It's shouldn't be up for you to decide it regardless of it's "gross" or if it is against your religion. The government should have no involvement in marriage. If you think the government should dictate who people should marry because of your religion, we have Separation of State and Church. However, if it's because it's "disgusting", it's none of your business and it should not be up to you to decide for them.

  • My morality doesn't dictate somebody else morality

    I support people's decision to marry whomever they want (whomever being human since bestality is rape). It is irrelevant the known fact that incest causes extreme likeliness for birth defects but we are not talking about children being born from incesteous couples, we're talking about people being in love and wanting to be married. People can be married and not have children. My personal opinion on this topic is I think it's foul, disgusting and should be refrained from; but this is America and people have the right to do as they please when they aren't infringing on another person's rights. I don't agree with incest but as I stated, my morality doesn't dictate over somebody else's morality. I support, politically, opposite sex, same sex, polygamy, monogamy, interracial, ect except bestality since it is rape.

    Fun fact: According to the bible Adam's and Eve's children committed incest.

  • Yes we should!

    I would love to marry my sister and be together properly. It should be legalized as soon as possible. There is no good reason for people who love each other not to be together lawfully. There should be equality for all, Whether your straight, Gay or incestuous. Brother and sister love!

  • Its ok with me.

    I see no reason why siblings shouldn't marry. Just because it may not be something you would do, Doesn't make it wrong. It should be up to people involved. As long as you with the person you love then who cares. I read some of the arguments against it but they all go on about birth defects, Well guess what not everyone wants children.

  • Equal Rights for Everyone!

    Firstly, if gay people can marry, siblings can marry!
    Secondly, some people who are not siblings by blood but adopted can't even get married? It's not disgusting. It's called love.
    Finally, if they ARE related by blood and might not have a healthy baby, think about it this way, they can always adopt one! And also, gay people can't even have babies because they are the same gender. I mean, I'm gay.

  • As long it doesn't affect anyone in the long term

    If two people want to get married, it is their decision. If they think they cannot live their lives without each other, again, their decision. As long as the act is safe, sane and consensual it fine.
    Personally the idea is abhorrent and disgusting, but if two people are into each other it should not really bother if they are siblings or homosexual. Who am I to judge?

  • That is disgusting

    I'm sorry but whoever thinks that siblings getting married should be allowed is just messed up. Why would you want to support something like that. Also why would someone want to get married to their sibling. Is this really what this world is coming to? First people are starting to think same-sex marriage is fine. Now someone thinks incest is fine too. Soon people are going to be supporting polygamy and bestiality.

  • The long-term effects.

    I think we suffer a lot today because of mistakes of the past. I could elaborate on this but I will focus on the topic at hand. Although we all love freedom, we know that we don't have total freedom because we don't really want that. It's synonymous with anarchy. Letting brother and sister marriage become mainstream has dire effects for the future of America. When DNA is that closely related there is undoubtedly higher risk of physical deformities, underdevelopment of the brain, and inherent disabilities. We have to think clearly about the implications this could have on American economy and competitiveness.

  • Not good for our species

    As mentioned by Morning spirit, the DNA of 2 people so closely related may result in physical and even mental deformities and disabilities for any children. Also the immune system of the child will be weaker because the same immune system is being passed down from parents, since they are siblings as well. Which is resistant to some diseases and not to others. A combination of 2 immune systems, results in a case where the resistance ability to disease is combined.

    The affects get exponentially worse as more and more generations of inbred siblings goes on. Infertility is another affect.

    Inbred is an insulting word for a reason.. Just something to think about.

  • No, but not because my disgust dictates, and it has nothing to do with religion,

    My opinion stems from the simple fact that incest can create health problems for any child they produce and I don't think it's fair that we allow that sort of problem to come up. Also as an atheist I have no religious reason for getting upset at this but I personally believe it's not really a world I want to live in. If you genuinely love your sibling and want to be with them alright, you do you, but I feel like maybe if the aforementioned person tried finding other people that wouldn't appear to be the only option.

  • This is Taboo and Disgusting for a reason

    For every man/woman there are millions of woman/man available to marry. If you got married and doesn't like it, You can divorce and marry,
    There are probably less than a dozen of persons whom you can't marry.
    Leaving Millions and going into dozen shows either you want to be a rebel or you are sick but most likely you ARE LAZY, Who just want an easily available option. Probably for this reason only, And to prevent spoiling bloodline, God made this rule.
    I can understand if you made blunder of sexual relation with your sibling under sexual urge which you couldn't satisfy elsewhere, But marrying! You are disgusting.

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