Should sick patients be given more end-of-life options?

  • Human euthanasia should be legal.

    A lot of people who are at the end of their lives are in a lot of pain. Currently all we can do is give them drugs to manage this. The problem is that there is a maximum they can give before being stopped, but at this point the patients are in intense pain and typically hours or days away from death. They should be able to make the choice to die on their own will and doctors should be able to have a waiver signed to increase the medicines until the patient peacefully dies.

  • Yes, everyone is entitled to decide how they should die.

    All sick patients have the right to determine their course of care. Everyone should have the right to determine how they want to die, and die earlier with grace if they so choose. Many patients undergo extreme and costly life-extending procedures that they don't want, simply to live miserably for another few days. Ideally, all sick patients will have an advanced medical directive to avoid having to make stressful end-of-life decisions.

  • Sick Patients deserve to be given an opportunity to end their suffering.

    When a patient is of sound mind, he should be given options. One of these options should be to end his life; he should not be forced to live a life of pain and suffering. By offering a painless way to depart, he will not be tempted to take manners into his own hands. This can result in a failed attempt at suicide or a painful resuscitation by doctors.

  • Yes they should

    As long as it doesn't endanger others, sick patients should be given the end-of-life options that they desire. Whatever puts them most at peace and comfortable with what is about to happen should b what it is that they're granted to have, that's what virtually everybody deserves in my opinion.

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