• It is helpful :]

    It is proven to help people read faster and build relationships better, So basically it would just be smarter for everyone to at least know it and it would help the Deaf and HoH people feel more connected to other students or kids that can hear. Overall I feel like it would be better for all of society and not just the Deaf and HoH communities (If you didnt know HoH stands for Hard of Hearing) :}

  • Definitely! An absolute YES!

    Personally, I believe knowing sign language would be more useful than learning another language. There are many who are deaf who may wish to speak with someone who can hear but cannot because the hearer does not know sign language. There are too few who know sign language, And it just makes the deaf person’s day when he finds someone who can sign.

  • Think of the Personal benefits of learning ASL + This is considered a domestic language. . . . . . . . . . . . . :)

    As a member of the ASL and Deaf community learning ASL at a young age boosts your mental focus and makes you a better socialite and establishing emotional relationships becomes easier than those who don't or can't learn the language. So if you have the drive or the means to do so by all means take the leap (By no means is it gonna be easy but it is a worth while process that will bridge the gap in the Hearing and Deaf Communities )

  • It honestly should

    I think that sign language should be taught/ learned in schools because sign language can really help them for when they get older. Sign language will be a key skill to know/ have because sign language will help them in the real world with people who are deaf/ hard of hearing.

  • It should be!

    My dad is fully deaf and has been for his whole life and has found it difficult to find a job as communication skills are often needed. This would be such a good change to society. And I think it would be very appreciated by many deaf or hearing impaired people

  • Yes, Kids should learn ASL

    Of course kids should be taught sign language! They can communicate with deaf and mute people, Or people with autism. Learning this language could also get you a higher chance chance of getting into a good high school/college. You can get more friends and you can interpret things for strangers. Also if babies and infants are taught ASL, They will be able to communicate before they can talk. This is why children/adults should learn ASL

  • It should be taught in schools

    Learning bsl in school will help a lot of young people extend language barriers with their peers and other people who are deaf and mute. I personally think its very important and helps deaf people feel included. It would also look good on a cv because the manger will know you could help a customer who is deaf or mute if needed

  • It should be taught as a language.

    I think that it should be taught in schools because a lot of people in their lives will run into someone who is deaf. They won't have very many ways to communicate and will have to have a basic understanding of sign language. More than 5%, 360 million, Of the world is deaf. I am trying to learn as much as I can because I want to be able to communicate with people who are deaf. I believe everyone should be able to speak a couple words like Hi and how are you?

  • Yes sign language should be in schools education system.

    I think sign language should be in all New Zealand education system because everyone needs to learn it everyone is important we all should be part of something that is really important not just for us but for everyone deaf is really important that sign language is the only physical communication for us to make them understand us. . .

  • Yes it should or it should be offered

    This makes people who use sign language so ecstatic as they do not feel as isolated or alone, It may make a friendship which could last so long. It is a language and should be treated the same as any other language so it should at least be offered to children to see if they would like to learn it however I think we all should as it would be such a great thing to do as it will break down communication barriers.

  • It Shouldn't because:

    1.Firstly the power of 'Words' will be underestimated
    2.Secondly every student's body language will be more or less the
    same as they are learning it from the same teacher,enviroment etc...
    3.This course can be replaced/substituted with something more
    beneficial like foreign language courses etc...
    4.Tbh: this is just a waste of time!

  • Time and funding is finite

    With school scores in the US at appalling lows, funding and time should be focused on more applicable skills. Given that .38% of the US population are deaf, the benefit is infinitesimal for the cost. Use the students' and teachers' time well and train them in practical skills, or at least a language that is used by at least 1% of the population.

  • It would be a little hypocritical

    To be honest I totally think everyone should learn sign language, any language in fact. It would be awesome and help children learn so many other things.

    The only reason I choose this side is because you look up the opinion for should every child be required to learn native american and you will find its a lot of no's . Learn the background of your country and teach your children before you teach them sign language

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe sign language should be taught to children. I think the concept on sign language is important to relate to children and it is important for them to understand what it is, but the time it would take to fully teach it, really needs to spent on learning English, learning reading and math, and other required subjects. Sign language is important but many people will live their life without any real use for sign language. I'm 30 years old and I've never been in a situation where I needed it.

  • A waste of our time

    Only 5% of the world is deaf so what’s the point and focus on other more popular languages. It also increase discrimination and if people randomly do sign language it could offend them. So those are my reasons why sign language is a waste of our school time SIGN LANGUAGE SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT AT SCHOOL.

  • Sadly waste of time for most people

    I am for basic sign language being taught, To raise awareness, But I am in my 30s and have never even been in a situation where I have needed to talk to a deaf person. More time should be spent on written English, Which is severely lacking in today's culture.
    Most people campaigning for sign language to be taught EVERYWHERE is because they know ONE person.

  • 360,000,000 people world wide are reported to have serious disabling hearing loss - ASL is the 6th most used language

    Research indicated that children who learned sign language at a young age had higher IQs than their peers who didn't learn sigh language. Also, those who are deaf can be included and hearing children who learn it are more likely to have better relationships with family and friends as they understand concepts like compassion and inclusion.
    Please read - "Why We Need To Teach ASL in School" Odyssey at SUNY Geneseo and many other articles available to enlighten you on this important topic

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