• Yes, India should have to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty in order to import atomic energy.

    I think that India should have to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty in order for the country to be able to import atomic energy technology. I think it only makes sense to make it a requirement since it could prevent any type of international issues and problems with other countries and nations.

  • Yes It Should

    I personally don't believe the Indian government is strong enough to maintain safety with nuclear energy, so I am strongly against them creating these power plants in the first place. If they do take this path in the future I certainly would hope that they would sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

  • India is a sovereign nation

    India is a sovereign nation and has the right to do as it sees fit. Even with the danger of atomic energy, India can make that decision for herself. Also, the non-proliferation treaty is non-binding, and is often ignored by member countries. Why hold a sovereign nation to an uneffective treaty that is not enforced when we have no right to do so?

  • Politics Trumps Ideology for India

    India is a nuclear state, which is a fact the whole world must accept. Rather than get hung up on nuances such as whether or not it is a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the world community should look for ways to help India act responsibly with nuclear technology, to include allow India to import related technology.

  • The NPT only applies to those in the NPT.

    The Non-proliferation treaty does not include enforcement in other countries that have not yet ratified the NPT. If the nation has not ratified the NPT, then they are not required to follow any regulations relating to the NPT. Since India has not signed the NPT, they are not required to follow its guidelines.

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