Should Sikhs Be Allowed To Carry A Kirpan? Kirpan = A kirpan is a ceremonial sword carried by all devout members of the Sikh religion.

Asked by: SugarCube
  • The Sikh's Crucifix

    The Kirpan reminds the Sikh to always be ready to fight against oppression. It is more of a religious than a weapon. It is their cross, their Star of David, their crescent moon. To not let them carry this very religious symbol would be a violation of their constitutional rights.

  • They should be able to

    In England the society is multicultural so Sikhs should be able to participate in that multicultural society by carrying out there beliefs in an equal way as England has spent so many years trying to make itself an equal place with no unwanted comments and racist people in it. That is my argument.

  • You tell me -_-

    Myself being a follower of the Islamic faith, what seems to get to me is the fact that countries for example, France, etc... Will ban the women on wearing the Hijab. The Hijab for those that don't know, is a Piece of cloth worn over the head of females to cover up the head and neck area. As a part of modesty. Governments ban Hijabs but ignore the fact that their could be some insane man walking around with a giant dagger is his pocket ready to kill anyone that messes with him. What is more dangerous? The Kirpan, or a harmless piece of cloth used to protect yourself from the eyes of sexually active men out there? Well seems like the Hijab is more dangerous.

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