• Yes he should

    Yes, this man should go to jail, because he actively committed tax invasion in his country, which is a violation of the laws in his country. He should be prosecuted just like any other citizen, even if he was recently the prime minister of the country he committed the crime in.

  • Silvio Berlusconi go

    In an emotional video statement, Berlusconi denounced the decision as "based on nothing, and which deprives me of my freedom and political rights".The Sentence cannot be appealed against further but Berlusconi, 76, is unlikely to go to jail because of his age.The ruling by the Court of Cessation in Rome came after a three-day hearing. Berlusconi was not in court.The Former prime minister was sentenced to four years in prison at the conclusion of the trial last October, though this was automatically reduced to a year under a 2006 pardon law.Berlusconi is likely to serve house arrest or carry out community service.

  • He has committed no crime.

    No, Silvio Berlusconi should not go to jail, because there is no evidence that he is guilty of the crimes that he is accused of. Berlusconi might not have been a perfect leader, and left a lot to be desired in terms of siding with the North of Italy, but there is no evidence that he is a criminal who belongs in jail.

  • No, Silvio Berlusconi should not go to jail

    No longer being in office, and public humiliation surrounding his tax evasion and sex scandals, are most likely punishment enough for the politician. In addition, he most likely would not serve a lengthy term due to his short sentence and advancing age. Unfortunately, there are criminals in Italy who have committed more severe crimes and are more "deserving" of prison space.

  • No, not jail.

    When someone evades taxes, they should just have to pay the taxes back that they missed. I think it is old and archaic for people to be locked away for not paying taxes. Shows we haven't come very far. I know it's ironic with Berlusconi, but he doesn't deserve jail for it.

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