• Yes, they should/...

    I can give a lot of examples with great films where starring singers... Moreover I can say, that some of them better than some movies with actors. For example
    Justin Timberlake: In Time (2011) stars as Will Salas ,The Open Road (2009)- As 'Carlton', The Social Network (2010)- As 'Sean'
    and Eminem:8 Mile (2002)
    Whitney Houston:The Bodyguard
    a lot of films with Will Smith, who now known as film star not singer :D
    Hancock,Bad boys,Men in black,The Pursuit of Happyness e.T.C
    And I love films like "Burlesque" with Christina Aquilera and Sher) I think such films are very interesting and they show us importance of music in our life.) Shortly, by this examples,I want to explain that singers are good actors ;)

  • If they have the talent for it, then why in the heck not?!

    If a person is a singer, that doesn't mean that they don't have the proper training in acting. But I, of course, don't think that a person who has no training or ability in acting should ever act. I always hate it when they put someone who became famous in some other field in a movie just because they made a name for themselves, including singers. So people like Donald Trump, f'ing Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, and all the other singers, models, businessmen, etc. That have no acting ability should stop wasting everyone's time and money by playing parts in movies and t.V. The only thing that irritates me as much as this is when actors try to play parts in a musical and have no singing ability. The musical is then pulled off Broadway and the only thing we have left is their god-awful performance (not to mention the director's retarded idea to pull out half of the music, wtf?). Or the other thing that irritates me is when actors even try to put out a music album.

    But, anyways, there are plenty of people who have actually trained and actually have skill in multiple areas and can do both. That's absolutely fine with me. Just put those people through the same audition processes and then hire them based on their ACTUAL ability in comparison to the others who applied.

  • Singers may act in films

    Singers, by all means, are free to act in films. It is a reliable way of increasing their income, and these days, who isn't going to turn down extra income? Nothing immoral is happening (in real life at least), the various fangirls are throwing fits of joy, and those in the box offices have dollar signs in their eyes. Okay, except for <insert movie with a singer that you hate here (the movie, not the singer)>

  • Singers Can Act Too

    I have seen a lot of good movies with singers in them. Yeah, some of them can't act but some of them are really good. Like Jennifer Hudson was great in Dreamgirls. It honestly depends on the singer and their level of talent. It doesn't matter if they're a singer. They just need to have the chops to deliver a good performance.

  • Singers...In films? NO WAY!

    Well, it just seems to me that ALL singers want to act now. I mean, Justin Timberlake in so many films that it's really annoying - and plus the films themselves are terrible.
    I'm not saying that they can't act or shouldn't, but some of them actually CAN'T act!
    It's now, what is going to happen to the film industry...Will they come to rely on singers to act?
    There are just so many other actors out there, with potential and directors turn their backs on their experience to follow up on a "new pop sensation" and plus, even when singers are given roles, it is stupid Justin Timberlake - Friends With Benefits? It's just a mini porno, the dude can't act! And the directors themselves are running out of good plots!

  • I don't think so.

    Should actors be singing in music albums? Imagine Tom Cruise being a singer for your favorite rock band. Would you like that? As a musician I can tell you no I would not. A good singer needs years to be at a professional level. I am not an expert in acting but my guess is that actors like Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino didn't just happen. They dedicated themselves to their crafts.

    In short just because you can doesn't mean you should or that you'll be good at it.
    Should singers be acting in films? Not if the are better actors for their role, and not if they're just using movies as vehicles for their "brands".

  • Don't think so.

    I'm going to generalize here, but generally speaking I don't think they're that great at it. If the opposite were to happen we would quickly say NO. Imagine an actor say Tom Cruise be a singer of a band just because he's "popular" or "charismatic"?

    As a musician I'll tell you that's not good enough. Somebody needs to dedicate years to their craft to compete at the highest level. What's the saying? Jack of all trades, master of none.

  • It often ruins the films and is not fair.

    Singers are talented, usually, but their talent lies in singing and not acting. While it doesn't exactly take much to be an actor, skill wise anyway, it is far better for everyone if someone who is trained and experienced to perform in front of the camera. Someone who is not trained or experienced will require extra attention or help and slow down the production of the film, if that attention or help is not given then the end result is a bad film...And a disappointed audience. The only reason singers get the roles is because of their connections and status, they have no experience in acting or any knowledge of theatre, so if they get roles then why don't everyday people who work in, for example, a supermarket get it? Sadly, producers now-a-days only care about money and not about entertaining the people with high quality films.

  • Singers shouldn't act in films.

    Singers and actors are completely different. Singers use their talents as vocalists where actions use their talents acting well. The two occupations do not mix. However if a singer is also an actor, then that would be really beneficial to that person. If all singers became actors in films, it may cause an outburst of musical films, which not everybody likes.

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