• 100% for it

    Why not? The world has changed. The nuclear family unit is still prevalent, but it is no longer the only option. Yes, with all things being equal, it is better to have both mother and father. But: 1). More than half of marriages dissolve, 2). Many two-parent families are unhappy, parents fight each other, etc, 3). Well, while I completely support single guys turning to surrogacy, I understand that such option is a real dilemma. However, if we are talking about adoption, we have kids who have no one. No mum, no dad. So, is it better to grow in an orphanage or in horribly failing foster system than in loving home with one parent?
    So, I completely support both single women and men in making such decision. Being single does not mean you have to spend your life raising cats and duying alone. And kids must have a family and not state caring for them.

  • Why is this even a question...?

    The fact that this question even has to be asked is kind of sad.

    As a dedicated father, I don't know what I would do WITHOUT my kids. As far as I know, there is nothing about being male that makes you bad with kids.

    As for the single parent thing, it can be a hard row to hoe, and takes a lot of dedication. My wife and I travel for work, and before we got together she spent a while as a single mother of two. Now we are a happy family of five. But when one of us travels, and the other has to do it all, it can be absolutely exhausting.

    The ideal for kids is to have as much support as they can get. Best outcomes come from two parent homes with good support structures. But there are many examples of brave single men and women who raise wonderful kids, so it is definitely workable. If that is the direction you want to take, go for it! There are kids out there who need loving parents, or A loving parent to care for them, and bring them up right.

  • Nothing wrong with it in my opinion

    As long as they can take care of them.I mean when parents get a divorce and the child is raised mostly by one of the 2 parents the child can turn out alright.So if that is true then wouldn't that mean a single parent can take care of a child?I don't think it matters if it is there own child or not.

  • As long as they can take care of them :)

    As long as they take in consideration of what time they'll be home, if their job pays well enough, the age of the child.

    Adoption is great because many kids grow up without parents and feel unloved. I think it's great that if anyone wants to take care of a child :)

  • Should single men adopt children.

    There are thousands of children waiting to be adopt there are many men who want children but no wife or girl friend. Is it wrong for a single man to adopt children is it strange or weird. Is a single dad able to provide a good stable home fore child. Single people who adopt a far more likly to adopt older kids which are the majority of kids in foster care. I'm a single guy wanting to adopt and want your opinion, yes it's good or no it's bad

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