Should single parents receive more government help?

  • Yes single parents should receive more government

    They should receive more help because what they get is not enough most of their children grow up in the wrong footsteps and that is not ok. But at the same time most mothers are just lazy and don't want to work they just want free maintenance and they see the government help as no need to work. So the topic is in between i just don't know what side to pick this is for my english class I NEED HELP PLZ!

  • Single parent and more gov help. .

    A great big NO. They get everything under the sun as it is as long as they have a kid. There is something called DNA testing, And I agree that the gov. Needs to stop rubber stamping these cases as true.
    I feel for men that have to pay much more than they should. Some become homeless while the woman lives very nicely. It does not take 400. 00 to feed and clothe a kid. They probably get free child care also. I get that that400. 00 probably goes for some child care and that’s only if the mom works. . . If she does, Then the guys support should be reduced accordingly.
    She spends it on her boyfriends, Parties with her girlfriends, Buys herself stuff and then goes to food banks and gets free diapers or used kids clothes. . . . . Sickening! Especially when the kid isn’t even his!
    I’m sure cps gets a cut of the loot too. . . . . .

  • No there are already enough services

    Ever hear about child support? This has been afflicting men for a long time. Every paycheck about 40 percent gets sent to the ex wife. It could be more or less but the man has to pay his wife. Women can qualify for section 8 and other services.
    But if you are a man good luck paying child support. I know about a man who suffers greatly.
    This horrible women seduced him and got pregnant with his child. She claims she had 1 more child by him but I only think 1 child is his.
    He was forced to pay very high child support and was fined a lot of money.
    She did not tell him and he now owes about 35k in child support.
    She applies under welfare but lives with another man and popped out another child to get more welfare.

    Welfare is great for honest people who are broke and have husbands leave them, But this women is very evil. She receives more in welfare than the man receives working. I think welfare is good as it is.

    The only thing is that I wish the welfare agency would investigate fraudulent women who commit give welfare mother a bad name

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