Should single-sex education be offered in public schools?

Asked by: collettesn3292
  • Single-sex education should be optional for students that benefit from it.

    "America once dominated educational attainment among developed
    countries, But we have fallen disastrously in international rankings. As we seek
    ways to offer the best education for all our children, In ways that are better
    tailored to their needs, It seems not just counterproductive but damaging to
    reduce the options. Single-sex education in public schools will continue to be a
    voluntary choice for students and their families. To limit or eliminate single-
    sex education is irresponsible. To take single-sex education away from students
    who stand to benefit is unforgivable. "

    - Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Barbara Mikulski

  • COED all the way. Except bathrooms

    Single sex schools are weird. The children that go there are more wilder and rebellious than coed.
    I think it makes boys more fruity, And more hateful toward girls. Girls become a little bit dumber in all girl schools or just into men haters.
    If you want to separate sexes to just prevent pregnancies that doesn't work. They will just do naughty things after school.

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