Should Sir Patrick Moore have been beaten up in some back alley?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Anti-German/anti-French racist b--tard

    This Lowland Scot/northern English as-hole should have been beaten up. OK. I'm not actually advocating for this. Imperialist warmongering piece of crap. I would have gladly spit in his face if he ever came towards me. I'd spit in his freaking face as a sign of pure disrespect towards him.

  • Eh... Why? Weird...

    He's an astronomer, animal rights activist, and pacifist who believes in protecting his country from foreign influence. The problem is there are many feminists and multiculturalists who don't like him. He's actually a nice guy, but some people just don't like nice guys because they're afraid that nice guys are too good to be true or just boring. Perhaps anyone who wants him beat up should be beat up instead.

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