• Size Zero Means Health Problem

    A size of "zero" on the label means a health problem such as anorexia or bullimia. Victoria's Secret models fit into this category on a regular basis. The world is obsessed with style, fashion and looking skinny. Unfortunately for 99 percent of the world, we don't fit into that mold. Let's stop worrying about how we look and get into things such as healthy lifestyles and women with meat on their bones.

  • Yes, size zero is ridiculous.

    Everyone knows that women's sizing has been getting smaller and smaller over the years to appeal to their vanity. There is no such thing as a size zero because everyone is one size or another. So size zero should be abolished just because it is a ridiculous concept that doesn't really exist.

  • Don't Assume People's Health Situations

    Just as people are obsessed nowadays with "fat shaming" and assuming someone is unhealthy because of their weight, they should be similarly bothered with the assumption that excessively thin people are unhealthy. It seems quite ironic, almost as if they themselves have a bias against thin folks because they're not willing to work to get relatively near that range.

    Let's keep in mind that there are many, MANY people who wear size 0 who happen to be small individuals. Generally speaking, the smaller you are as a person, the smaller clothing you need to wear. Let's not allow ourselves to cave in to these changing clothing sizes, because it merely justifies the obesity epidemic we're currently in - and have been for more than a few decades.

  • Size zero should not be abolished

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  • What about girls that are actually that size?

    No size should ever be abolished because there are girls who can't help being that small. That's just like saying, let's get rid of size 12 or 14 because no one should be that size. It's unfair to women.. The whole idea we are trying to get into their heads is that they are beautiful no matter what size they are. And abolishing sizes due to the fact that it makes people feel uncomfortable because they aren't that size or will never reach it is ridiculous.

  • Next stop, abolish size three!

    "Well size zero is too small and size 24 is the average pant size so lets keep that one because its healthy unlike you anorexic double zeros." This is the most ridiculous opinion ever. If you have a problem with people who are size zeros, maybe you should have a confidence booster or something. A lot of them don't just choose to be size zero. And who says size zero is unhealthy?

  • It would lead to the same problem.

    People read too much into what a size is called, zero is actually a size - some people need that size, you can't always help what size you are. Saying size "zero" is the ultimate appeal for a lot of women which I think is what the problem really is. You could change the names of sizes to 23 by 30, and that would still have the same effect. It's not the name that's the problem, its women's idea behind the size.

  • Size Zero OK

    Without a doubt, size zero should not be abolished or removed. Size zero is still a size, and manufacturers have chosen to produce it. The government couldn't even ban such a size because it would fringe upon the rights of the manufacturers. Therefore, size zero absolutely gets to stay today.

  • No, it's just as rude as abolishing size 24.

    I'm a size zero, I'm naturally thin, and I don't starve myself or diet to be that way. When you abolish the size zero you are forgetting that people are naturally small as people are naturally large. You would get in a lot of trouble and probably even get sued if you went and abolished larger sizes, people should remember that people are people no matter what size.

  • Zero size are meant for young teens and health problems

    Anorexic or bulimic people can't control their weight at a quick speed. If size zero were abolished tomorrow what can they wear? They can't gain two sizes overnight. Some people are naturally thin too. I also believe cystic fibrosis (not a reliable source) has side effects of being smaller. Many people can't control their weight and zero should not be abolished just because some people don't want thin people to be clothless.

  • It would be impossible to abolish size zero, unless you want to do away with all the people who wear that size.

    Abolishing a size is a ridiculous notion. As someone who is naturally underweight, I know what it is like to suffer due to weight issues. Is doing away with size zero supposed to make overweight people feel better about themselves? Then I would imagine we should do away with any size below sixteen, since I'm sure every size is the "goal" for someone. This is weightism, and it makes me angry that it is still acceptable behavior. Not all thin people feel good about their body.

  • Size zero should not be abolished.

    Size zero should not be abolished. It does not matter what you want to call the size, there will always be a need for it. If it is just a naming issue, leave it alone. If we are going to be picky about what we call something, I think that is going to extremes and crazy.

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