• They hurt people with their digital bullets and bombs

    Every single day, Whenever SJWs are not happy with an opinion, They lash out in rage and try to sound morally justified in their opinions (when they're not) followed by a death threat that includes wishing ill on the people they're arguing with or calling them names. For example, When an innocent person is wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit, Some of these SJWs still believe this person is guilty and wish for them to be crucified. It almost sounds like they are a bunch of online terrorists and deserve to be labeled as one as they want their narrative to be the only right narrative. Sounds almost familiar to many terrorists and hate groups.

  • That will be the day Trumper get labeled as terrorist.

    So you want SJWs to be labeled as terrorist because you feel threaten by mere words? And you are afraid of their threats online?

    Well what about right wing trump extremists. They post videos about shooting everyone who doesn't agree with them. Actually planning a government coup and waving their guns. Threatening government officials and disrupting government and wanting to run over protesters.

    Because if you want to arrest skinny vegans because they feel too dangerous to you. Then gun wielding maga people should go on the top of the list.

    All that talk about being so tough but you become threaten seeing some weird people protesting. OMG they are wearing black masks! Says the person who hides in a white bed sheet.

  • SJWs definitely aren't terrorists; they're laughably harmless internet Idiots.

    The worst you'll get from an SJW, Is a bunch of whining, And uninformed opinions that damage your IQ, Every time you read them online.

    Antifa, And the violent Liberal Left, However, Should most definitely be labeled as terrorists. All this talk about "right wing extremism" however Leftists are far more violent than Right Wingers. Leftists see anyone who disagrees with them as "evil", And so they justify their violence by calling their opponents evil. Sort of like what Communists, Nazis, And Fascists do. . . . Hmmm. . . .

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SuperReader says2020-05-03T20:07:15.057
Why do you think that the term SJW's got invented?

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