• It’s not dangerous

    You don’t die when you ride on the side walk and it’s dangerous to ride on the road. If bikes and scooters are allowed on sidewalks why not skateboards? If the roads are packed with cars or motorcycles it would be easier to ride on a side walk. They should be allowed.

  • Skateboarders SHOULD be allowed to skate on sidewalks

    Like come on its kind of dangerous for skaters to skate on the road........Like duh you could get hit by a car and if you are just learning how to skate you should obviously practice on the sidewalk.ALSO who would let their kid on the road anyways......And if you do skate on the road you should wear protection

  • Skaters should be able to ride on sidewalks

    Its not like your going super fast anyway there r so many cracks in sidewalks nowdays u cant ride fast and if u do u either fall off or get yelled at. Not one person in history has ever got hit by a skater on the sidewalk but many skaters died from being in the street and drivers not watching for them should cars be banned no thats how we get around so we should either get a skate path or let us ride on sidewalks

  • Skateboarding is AMZING

    If you think about it not many people skate around town maybe because theirs no skateboarding signs every were.My point is that if you think your going to get sued because a skater gets hurt it not likely because the skaters made the decision of doing the activity. Skate at your on risk and don´t sue people

  • In my opinion I think skateboards should be allowed on sidewalks. I will give three reasons to support my opinion.

    First, it can be good transportation when someone is too busy but late.
    I know you think it is wrong because of children and old people. But most people take skateboards that take well, so it can be safe.
    Second, it is comfort to ride because if you practice, you can do this very good. So theseday, many individuals skateboards in sidewalks for fun, exercise, or going somewhere fast.
    Finally, it is popular sports, so I think we should take skateboard in anywhere.
    Thank you for reading my opinion.

  • Its fun and Safer.

    If we ride skateboards in the road we could get hit or worse.Or maybe if you want you could wear wear elbow pads,knee pads,and even a helmet.Some people like to ride in the road I know I do. Alot of people have skateboards.They might even like to go speedy fast.Like me i like to fast but slow.:)

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  • Don't Say See Ya L8R SK8R

    Hey I mean to be honest the whole argument is gay like there's no harm to skateboarding on the streets, or sidewalks I should say. If you skate on the street possibilities you could get ran over or some dumb stupid stuff like that. Irrelevancy isn't need you ignorant mutts.

  • Must be banned

    It is only a matter of time before a skateboarder is killed on Dunedin's roads, Dunedin City Council road safety adviser Henriette Rawlings says.
    Dunedin police agree, and are next week launching a crackdown on skateboarders.

    Under New Zealand law, it is legal to ride a skateboard on the road.

    While skateboarders must comply with all the rules applying to other road users, unlike cyclists, they don't need to wear a helmet or use a light at night.

    Because of the legal framework, police could only enforce the law and could not stop skateboarders using the roads, Ms Rawlings said.

    "All you can do is educate people," she said.

    Constable Chris MacAulay, of Dunedin Police, said skateboards might be legal vehicles but they were inherently more dangerous than bikes because they did not have lights or brakes.

  • Kids need to play outside more

    Kids these days play to much electronics so when they go outside they probably ride skateboards . Then u realize your kid has been hit by a car while having to skateboard on the road.Sidewalks are safer. Its hard getting over that. So we need to let skateboards on sidewalks

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  • Major injuries or death can occur

    The researchers examined data spanning two decades and found that more than 64,500 U.S. children and teens were treated in hospital emergency rooms each year -- about 176 a day -- for skateboarding-related injuries. Fractures and dislocations were among the most common injuries, the study indicated.
    Five deaths were reported during the study period.
    Teen readjusts after brain injury from skateboard accident

  • No skateboards allowed

    Skateboard shouldn't be allowed because it is a dangerous play equipment although I have never played on it. Besides in the place where I live which is Nigeria,West Africa they allow such.I am not saying skateboard should be banned but it being used on the roads sidewalks and so on it is dangerous. But don't cities me cause I am only giving my opinion

  • Never skateboard on sidewalks.

    Well you see skateboards are fast. It is much dangerous than walking or cycling. So if you skateboard on a sidewalk it is dangerous for both the passengers and the one who is riding the skateboard. Many peoppe just wear hats for style. So even if it's a bit boring go to a park. Or we could make a official skateboard path like a bicycle path?

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