• He shouldn't restrain himself from swearing

    There is no reason for him to stop swearing because of a bunch of pussies who are afraid of them. If you're argument is that he has a lot of children watching his videos and they might copy him then it's not his responsibility. It should be the parents telling their children to not watch his content.

  • Yes or no

    Ok swearing is ok however if he is going to swear then swear. You can't just make a 20 minute video and make the first 15 seem completely kid friendly then out of no where drop the F-bomb. I have a brother and it is becoming a problem. Before he can watch anything I need to make sure it is safe. I mean I made a chart for crying out loud of who swears in what videos I found to avoid: cops n robbers, past do not laughs and a few more recent ones, skyvsgaming, any vlogs and so on

  • No but yes

    He should atleast give a warning for kids so they know if there is content that they shouldn't know of or listen to. But.... Maybe some kids like or find interest in what he's playing so he also shouldn't curse. But maybe they wouldn't mind if he slipped a word from time to time.

  • Omg no plz

    I mean, I do not care but he needs to tone it down a bitvbecuasevim trying to get a video where he or his friends isn't cursing or saying some idiotic inappropriate joke. I am happy that with most words like f$&@ he bleeps them out and the other words that are intense like that.


    Kids watch this guy and dude I am not a big fan but like seriously he needs to shut his mouth once in a while I mean jesus Christ. I don't watch him but I tried watching him today and I didn't like him one bit as soon as I heard him say F**k I was like NOPE. Yeah that's it

  • Can Cuss a Little But Not a Lot

    I think he should be able to cuss a little.... But he curses way to much. Every minute its a swear/cuss. I can understand a sh*! Every now and then. But swearing every time is way to much. Every guy has his freedom though. But I think by HOW much he cusses... He shouldn't be able to cuss anymore

  • No reason to swear.

    I really don't like hearing swearing because I feel like there is no reason to swear. I know it is just some words and that kids like me should just face reality but the reality is that Youtube is 90% full of swearing morons. Its like, why can't you go one video not swearing? Its not hard.

  • Some People Are Sensitive To It

    Adam is one of the funniest YouTubers out there, and I've based everything off of him, but the swearing is too much (for some). Personally I'm fine with it, but its very hard to find an almost swear-free video of his. I went on a quest to find a video of his that I could present to my parents, so they would accept him. Recently, my parents stumbled upon a Twitch stream he was doing. It was basically his life story he was telling, and his life was complete crap up until YouTube. They confronted me afterwards and told me how he was using f*** as just plain filler. I told them how he doesn't swear nearly as much as that in his videos, and I told them I would show an almost swear-free video to them the next day. I think (and he's stated in a video of his here -->https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=ZvTxWqizcc4. Its at around 0:16-7:00.) that he just uses them as an exclamation, which is just the same as simply saying "oh darn it!" or "shoot!". I find it funny when he cusses at *appropriate times* but that just my opinion. The reason I'm voting YES he shouldn't curse, is just because I want the ability to show my friends and parents his videos with out cringing for a cuss. Thanks for reading :3

  • Youtube is great entertainment for kids but the amount of swearing is depressing

    I can only wish there was a way to protect my young kids from these fowl mouth morons who simply don't care about young kids picking up their gutter talk. I don't want to hear four letter words and I don't want my kids to either ! As others have said there is no warning.

  • Yes, too many kids watch his videos

    There should at least be a warning so that kids know there will be swears in the video. Some LPers such as Stampylonghead post videos that are appropriate for kids, but then kids stumble off and find channels such as Sky. He should respect the average age of his audience.

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  • Faking reactions aren't funny.

    In the past year, say has had censored content, but his video two to three days ago has his comment saying he is swearing so he wouldn't fake reactions. He wants to be himself on youtube, so you have to respect his ideals. He's not himself when he's censoring, and for the past month, i realized his videos were much less fun to watch because he's not himself. He said himself that he's tired of faking himself so he could be kid-friendly. If you want him to not swear, you want him to not be who is at heart. That makes you a bad person.\

  • Who cares if he swears

    If he wants to swear than he will swear but if he does not want to swear he shouldn't swear. I hate it when people tell him to swear or don't. Whatever he does it should make him happy. So plz let him do his own thing if he wants to swear or not. I bet that will make him feel good.

  • My opinion is no pretty much

    I like his videos. Esapcially cops and robbers but when my mom heard you swear and now I cant watch your videos anymore. Hopefully I can still watch your videos again but I don't really like peapole swearing. Its up to you though. I really hope I see more of your vedios. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's his choice, BUT...

    Even though he can make his own choices, it's gone a little too far... There are 3rd graders running around with Sky backpacks. He has 11 million subscribers and a lot of them are young. We don't need little 7 year old members of the "Sky Army" screaming bad words...

  • It is stupid!

    You should not swear! It is very rude and kids might pick up up the words and cuss all the time. A person should not swear. It is mean and rude. I just hate it. It is fine to say it, but not on the internet! Lots of people would object.

  • People have their own choice

    To me it's just fine Sky should be able to have a freedom of speech. My dad sweared all the time when I was a kid but I never sweared then and I still don't swear. If Sky wants to stop swearing he can do that but if he still wants to do it he should have the freedom to do so. If your a parent who doesn't want your kids to watch him just because he swears then stop them.

  • He has the right of choosing what to do

    Yes some people may like swearing some people not, but he is old enough to decide what he thinks is best for him. If this is a habit he has, or if it is just a choice he makes, if you don't want your kids to watch him, then don't let them. Just let the viewers that are forgivable for what he says watch the videos. That makes it easier than discouraging a person who wants to help entertain himself and others

  • I don't give a crap about his swearing.

    Why should people care if someone swears a lot? I am sick of those people who say "I hate him so much because he swears a lot." SWEAR WORDS ARE JUST WORDS! And I'm sure kids that watch his videos know not to say bad words. If they don't, then that's they're parents fault, not SkyDoesMinecraft's. I find it stupid that people find the swearing in the Big Bill Hell's Cars commercial funny, yet if SkyDoesMinecraft does it, people find it annoying. A lot of people are like "Ooh, he swears so I can't watch his videos in school!" Solution: WEAR HEADPHONES!

  • It doesn't matter if he swears or not.

    I don't see that it matters if he swears or not. It's just words. If he feels the need to swear every now and then, he is allowed to do so. And I definitely don't see how it should affect children in his audience. My parents used to swear tons when i was little and they still do. But that doesn't mean i do. Children who have a healthy mind should be able to know that it's not right to say certain things, even though others do.

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