Should Slang words and expressions such as 'Selfie' and 'Turnt' be entered into the dictionary?

Asked by: Iona.MaeR
  • Technically, all Words are "Made Up"

    All words were considered "slang" at once point in time, words don't just pop out of the ground. So, if it's a word a lot of people use, why shouldn't it be in the dictionary? After all, the English language changes all the time, it should make room for modern words.

  • If it's a word, it should be in the dictionary.

    Actually, "selfie" already is in the dictionary:


    Any word that is used by people should be in the dictionary. Why not? Dictionaries allow people old and young to learn what is meant by a word. Slang and informal terms may be even less understood universally than others and thus should be explained.

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