• I think that slavery should be stopped.

    Slavery should be stopped because people are treating then like they are wild animals, but really they are not they are regular people like us and they did nothing to hurt we are the ones that hurt them so if anyone should apologize it should be us because we hurt them more than they hurt us.

  • How would you feel

    Slavery is one of the most horrible things you could do to a human being. People should not be able to own other people, they have no right. To all those people who believe in slavery, just imagine if you were a slave. How would you feel ! ! !

  • Enslavement is wrong

    A slave is someone who is forced to work for a terrible person/people,No one can deny this fact. Because as I state my thoughts, more and more innocent people begin to lose hope in life because they have been beaten and overworked to receive what? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! All of the innocent men, women, and children out there have potential to be happy, as well as incredible individuals. And so I say slavery deserves to be destroyed.

  • Help The People

    Slavery should be stoped but typing and debating won't help but getting out there and helping will even if u start a charity so get out and help those people so do anything you can and remember what it would feel like if you were in that spot er er

  • It is inhumane

    Slavery is nothing but evil and it is very inhumane and if anyone supports it they are just evil inside and they need help as soon as possible, it is also unfair and racist because its always about the color most of the time so if no one is going to do anything about it we need to come together and step up.

  • Slavery should be banned

    I think that slavery should be banned because I feel that no one has enough power to choose someone else's future for them. Despite the fact that without slaves most of the work in the world like harvesting and working on plantations would be/have been left undone, I strongly agree that slavery is not the only answer to this issue; does it matter if you have to spend more money paying the employees, because in the end it is fair and your workers can live in a good lifestyle.

  • Slavery should be stopped

    There have been slaves for around 400 years now. And slaves are mistreated people with no rights working for people who captured them to make money. There have been many arguments supporting and against slavery, and against almost always won. The Transatlantic slave trade was a trade where goods were sent to African slave capturers from Europe. Then slaves were sent to the Americas, and from there slave goods were sent to Europe. The Transatlantic slave trade stopped as People recognised that this was killing many Africans. After all, we are all people with the same right and should be treated equally.

  • Yes I agree

    Human can't treat like an animals , because human have their own position to choose .I would like to help the slavery to make a new life to them and it will help many people on this word . This is called people . So let's stop the slavery right now.

  • Slavery is terrorble

    Slavery, often known as indentured labour, has continued from the past to now. Stopping slavery is not a choice, it is a must do! Everyone should fight back from slavery.
    Did you know from 1863 and 1903 people have forced pacific islanders to work on super cane fields. Even though this is the past everyone shouldn't let poor people work in this tired unrestless conditions! We need to step out from the past and step into the future of banning slavery completely!

  • Slavery should be stopped

    Slavery should be stopped because the slaves are really innocent people who don't deserve to be treated like an animal the slave owners need to remember that they really are human beings and not animals. If the slave owners were the slaves would like it. No because it's just harsh and no one deserves to be a slave to get beated up like an animal . That's I feel sorry for them people who are/ were slaves and got no freedom at all and they got beat up just like animals. SO SLAVERY SHOULD BE STOPPED

  • No! I love my slaves

    Slaves are great. They help me farm cotton and pick my toenails. I can't live without them!
    Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them! Keep them!

  • It's like putting a human in a zoo.

    Have you ever seen an orangutan in a zoo? If you have it looked super depressed and sad right? Putting humans into slavery is like putting an orangutan into a zoo, it knows that something is wrong, only it doesn't know what. On the other hand, humans know exactly what is wrong and they live a life of misery.

  • Slavery is Necessary

    While I do not agree with the idea of inhumane torture and imprisonment, an ideal society would be one with a supreme race living in 1st world class and perfected socialistic democracy. The workforce would provide all the needs of the above-ground society. This is why we should legalize slavery.

  • Slavery is the only way to have a good country

    Thats why africa has a better economy then the us of a donald trump needs to takj notes because we cant advance as a nation if we dont have slaves because workers are too expenisve and with slaves you dont have to pay them giving us free workers and we can have good factories producing quality goods to sell and then we can make money wich is taxed bby the government and more taxes are good we need a communist slave lavbor society

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