• Yes of course

    Niggers are good for nothing. Whens the last time u seen a nigga work a printer? Whens the last time u seen a nigga work a computer? Honestly u answered never to both of those questions. Now let me ask you when the last time u seen a homeless nigga? Bring back slavery for they're sake s

  • Reduce Black Unemployment

    I believe in Africans being employed, Therefore bring back slavery. It truly is a simple concept to comprehend. Without slavery in effect, The black community has nothing to do but sit around and be lazy all day. If we create new jobs through slavery, They can work again and contribute!

  • What the f**k!

    You are a f***ing psychopath. Slavery is tyranny. People like u should be sent to prison for even thinking these thoughts. Slavery shouldn't have even been conceived, Let alone reintroduced! All people are equal. Slavery undermines that. I hope everyone here says no. If I see even one yes response, I don't give a f**k abt u.

  • How Is This Even A Debate?

    The simple idea of owning another person is abhorrent. It goes against human rights, Or, If you don't believe in that, God-given rights. Saying that someone is less than you, Just because of the color of their skin. Treating people like animals, Just because they're different from you. How could anyone accept this? Besides, It would also affect the economy if you took people of color out of work, And made them work for wealthy white people for free. You would be effecting your middle-class people, As the rich people would just keep getting richer.

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