• Why you bully me?

    People on the cricket field will do anything to beat a better team, Or ancestors would roll over in their grave as they watch how hard we try to win. Our ancestors would know when to run from a fight, But now we start bullying instead of playing the game? It’s just a game!

  • Yes it should

    What happens if you are a young player and you meet your star. And you get sledged by your hero, Who encouraged you into the game? How would you feel if this happens and instead of it staying on the field it comes around and haunts you? How would you feel?

  • It is plain and simple bullying and should be stopped by Cricket Austrlalia

    I was a park player for many years and I have to admit that sledging has become a stable of the standard gameplay. This is the real problem with the game, and it has been allowed to be tolerated. As a result, we see cheating as the next level. I would say that ball tampering is not a new thing and probably has been going on for quite some time. I hated every minute I played when sledging occurred, and I never participated in it and discouraged it when I saw it only to be slammed for not participating and discouraging it. I have seen sledging in the junior ranks too and this is the real issue, and it causes for some junior players to leave the game they love because of it......Sledging.....We talk about bullying in Schools and on social media......If Cricket Australia is serious about changing the game because of the ball tampering issue, then this is where they should start and stamp this out. We talk about cheats on ball tampering. Sledging is just as bad and quite a few of Australia's best players and former player participated in this ritual regularly and on live TV to all their junior fans........Great example people!!........VOTE YES TO STAMP OUR SLEDGING IN CRICKET..... It is poor sportsmanship and as an Australian, I am appalled this it is allowed to continue........I challenge James Southerland and the Cricket Australia board, and all of the present and former players (including those on TV) to openly support this cause to change it.

  • Call it what you want...

    It really boils down to not backing your ability and skills. In my opinion, a sign of weakness. So you are unable to win a game fairly (Australia) by employing good tactics, so lets try and cheat by using under handed measures. Why don't we just allow them in with little pellet guns and mirrors to shine in peoples eyes whilst we at it. Childish, school boy behaviour. And yes, also an extension of bullying (Virat). Grow up (you grew a pair long time ago)....

  • Let your game do the talking! Keep that mouth shut!!

    Verbal intimidation is not cricket. Let's call it what it is: bullying. We telly our kids not to bully others. Why do we have to do it as adults? You need to resort to sledging if your game doesn't have the advantage. We are testing cricketing skills on the field, not bullying skills.

  • Rer tet rtrt

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  • Grow a Pair

    Have a go at you sissies! This is what's wrong with modern day society, every is WAY too precious. Grow a spine, stop putting restrictions on EVERY SINGLE facet of society and play the game aggressively whether it be the odd sledge or bouncer. Our ancestors would roll over in their graves if they saw how weak we've become as a species. And instead of blah blahing about kids and bullying, nestling them into your bosom and protecting from every evil word that might come out of someone's mouth and offend them, have them develop the tools and attitude to ignore this and repel any hurt feelings. We've become a nation of precious, sensitive sooks. Have a go you weak prick.

  • Sledging is between players and does not involve anyone else.

    Sledging occurs mainly between players and therefore is rarely heard by spectators, leaving no impressions or bad examples for fans. Sledging is also an integral part of the game, psychological dominance is a tactic utilized by players which can easily be overcome. Furthermore sledging is monitored and controlled by the ICC (international cricketing association). Players do not have an issue with sledging and follow the rule what happens on field stays on field.

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