Should slime be allowed in school? Or even better, Should there be a slime session in school?

  • Yes, Slime should be allowed in school.

    Slime should be allowed in school because it calms people down and it can really help student focus. My school also doesn't really have any incentives for students, So this would be perfect to reward students with; be able to play with slime during class time! Making and playing with slime would also promote creativity, So we should be able to make slime in art. Finally, Slime has to do with science, So it can be incorporated into a science class.

  • Slime is a stress reliever

    Slime has borax which isn’t healthy for your lungs so if you bring homemade slime it will isn’t the best idea 💡 it’s better of you bring store brought slime is better and if you not allergic to scent you can buy scented slime and thats why you don't use homade slime

  • Slime helps people think!

    I have used slime for 5 years in school, It helps me think. My friend uses it all the time, And she gets awesome grades, Every year. I wish I could change that rule, But I’m not the principal. So let the slime in to the school rules, It should be allowed!

  • Yes slime is helpful!

    There should be a slime session class, Because it feels good and it's fun to play with. I personally love slime and love everyone who loves slime. I am doing a slide presentation on why we should have slime in class and i really want slime to be allowed to have slime in class.

  • Yes, Slime should be allowed to be played with during class.

    Slime should be allowed to be played with during class because it helps us focus and is super fun and satisfying to play with. If a teacher is teaching a lesson while we play with it we can simply multitask, Unless you need your hands. Slime can be a fidget toy, It's not just a sticky mess your parents hate.

  • Yes it should be allowed

    It should be allowed because slime is amazing. It also helps you focus and pay more attention. Plus if you are fidgety then you can just put the slime on your desk and play with it. Also yes there should be a slime class it would be so fun. We could learn how to make slime and play with it.

  • Slime should be allowed

    Slime helps stress and plus you can have something to fidget with like some kids need somthing tom fidget with if they have ADHD or ADD or something similar to that like alot of people in my school have ADHD and ADD and similar things to me they also have stress

  • Slime should be allowed

    Look it's annoying when they have slime but they should have it because they may need it for stress or mental health if the school has carpets just make them clean it up if it spills and what if the child is sensitive to some topics that would help them calm down

  • Yes it should

    It keeps your mind concentrated and it relives stress and help you when thing are hard and stressful. Most things can be stressful just like school so what better than slime in school. It helps you when you need to be relaxed. More importantly you need to be relaxed to do things in class or you will be behind in school and many things are stressful in school so i vote yes for slime to be in class.

  • Slime is solf

    Slime should be alowed in school because it helps people get calm down and when people is mad they can yous slime to calm down and they will not need to fight and thare is why slime should be in school because it helps people out so yous this in class

  • It is dumb

    😂slime is dumb and it is worse than rubber ducky’s and baby games and Elmo it sucks Slime is Bad for your skin it gives you burns can can get pinkeye and worse then school bro uh uh h h h h h. H. H. Hh h h. Hh. H.

  • Hi hi hi

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  • He he he

    Stop playing with slime it can hurt your skin it is tabbel but puppy’s are cute I am going to do random letters now d. Ff. F h t h t. H y t h j a h. Jh. H g h h g he h. H y h. H y

  • 🤑🤑🤬 slime is bad

    Slime in dumber than rubber ducks🦆 h j. H hb. Bb. B b b by. By. B h job bh b b h h. He h oh y g. He. Go h. H. Hub. H h. He g h h. H. H. Hh h h h h. Hh h h. H

  • Stop slime from being made

    It can hurt your skin and arms and face by putting it on your skin it can it can give you pink eye and the end I am going to do random letters now. H h f t h that h t y joy y to h h h h h h

  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬 🤬

    Slime can be bad for kids and it can give you burns🤬h by h. Job. N h Jan n n. N he. H n oh ( h ugh h g h g h h h h. No h. H huh h. H. Hub hbg. H. H h. He. Unnuh. N

  • No slime is not good for people

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  • Stoppppppp playing with slime

    Slime can hurt lots of people in the world it gives you dead skin and burns slime sucks and it is the WURST thing in the world it hurts and it can sting and it can give you itchy eyes and it stays in your skin and it will hurt

  • Stop playing with slime

    Slime is Tarbell it stops the mind and you can get burnt and dead skin on your hands and face it’s annoying wean you get it in your eyes it hurts your eyes get ichy you have to wash your hands after playing with slime so stop playing with slime

  • Stop loveing slime

    Jqehdjqkjehdlejdjgdkgdwkjd djmdd. Bbdjc. Kim b. Bfmcb. If. God c. F, D. Bfmmc. Kraft. Mdmefn c c. Me. Meme. Me down. Make, D. Mdmejejem. Memfmc fjr, Bc. Mrlmenr. Gorge, Gf. Gimme cbcj, R d en k jack r a icnmrje. Cjrjend e nvm j. J jr r d f f to f f f. F f

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