Should slime be allowed in school? Or even better, Should there be a slime session in school?

  • Yes, Slime should be allowed in school.

    Slime should be allowed in school because it calms people down and it can really help student focus. My school also doesn't really have any incentives for students, So this would be perfect to reward students with; be able to play with slime during class time! Making and playing with slime would also promote creativity, So we should be able to make slime in art. Finally, Slime has to do with science, So it can be incorporated into a science class.

  • YES. Slime should be allowed in school.

    Slime and other fidget devices are often very helpful for students to focus and could even be used as some sort of experiment in science. While some people complain about the possibility of harmful burns from borax, I have never witnessed anybody who has experianced that and almost all my friends play with borax slime. For people that are still susspicious of burns you can simply use a different acctivater that are gentler.

  • Distraction? Burns? Teachers aren't so boneheaded that they'll let kids play with goop *as they're teaching*.

    Borax is an ingredient in slime that causes burns. But who the hell puts slime onto their skin for like over 30 minutes in class? By its' very nature, Slime is distracting, But teachers won't let students play with it as they're teaching. Maybe during spare time in classes, Yeah, But really, Teachers wouldn't expect children to pay attention as they're playing with goop during lessons.

  • Should there be a Fortnite session as well? No.

    Yes, Slime is, For some reason, A very good stress reliever, But school isn't about relieving stress. It's about working hard and suffering in order to get a good-paying job as an adult. School isn't meant to be fun at all, With the exception of field trips, Because come on, Who doesn't like field trips?

  • Why should it be allowed?

    Slime shouldn’t be allowed. First, It really distracts students from doing their work. It makes students very unconcentrate on their actual work and school life. Secondly, It is really hard to get rid off, It takes a lot of resource and people to take the slime off the walls and floors. Lastly, It smells bad, It makes the school’s reputation bad. After all, Slime shouldn’t be allowed

  • Uh, No. Slime should not be allowed in classrooms.

    Whatever you pros say, I do not agree. Slime can distract kids from their school work. DUH! If they'll get distracted, They'll get bad grades. Bad grades will give kids a bad education. Because of the bad education, Kids will get stinky jobs in their future like cleaning stinky toilets. P-U! It's fun to play with slime at home, But not at school. You can also possibly spill slime over a carpet or another student's stuff!

  • It really depends.

    In elementary schools and possibly first grade of middle school choking hazard/eating it can be an issue, And past the grade of 8 i do not see many people interested in slime or anything that can be seen as childish (Sorta inherited by all teens to make themselves seem like more of an adult from what i know of. )

  • Of course not, .

    Although slime is a worldwide trend, It is harmful for children; slime is notorious for causing burns to those who play with it. In the same vein, Various studies have proved that slime actually distracts people. If students are allowed to play with slime in school where students gain knowledge and solve complex tasks, Slime will not only decrease the students' scores but also cause a serious dent in those students'

    To sum it all up, Schools should never allow students to bring slime to school because it is very harmful and distracts the students from schoolwork.

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