Sometimes i feel like a pigeon becasue i am fat and you are fat and you suck because fones are stupid liek you we dont ned fones fones are for losars if they ned internet too live why would people ned fones? They are distracting to there freinds when they are being rude

  • In school yes but not in class....

    As long as it is not distracting to the student or other students then it should be allowed in school... What about during lunch when they want to take pictures with friends to capture there high school experience? What about to call there parents after school for a ride? So what i am trying to say is during class no but in school when they are not in class then sure let them have there phone...

  • Of course they are needed!

    They can be used for additional research, calculators when needed (but no cheating in tests) and reading digital books. Also contacting parents in emergencies. So I think they should be allowed in school - also a great source of entertainment at break / lunch times when children can get bored!

  • Yes it is required

    When a student is in trouble that is not problem shared with teacher so they can connect with anybody if he or she take some break so it is good in lunch
    We have to support them to learn by smartphones Herby we have to ask teacher for smartphone placed in school..

  • No need of mobile phones

    In school their is no need of mobile phones because students are under the supervision of teachers and guards if there is any emergency they can use school office phone. So can be mishap pen with them. If they use in classroom they are just wasting time and parents money.....

  • Say yes to smart phones

    Smart phones are a valuable asset to us now days as in our modern world , it helps us to sharpen the knowledge and at time of emergency it would help us contact with our parents or others. Even it helps students to retain their health and not carry loads even after.

  • Only if the teacher permits it

    Allowing phones is wonderful idea and should be considered in schools everywhere. Of course it would be disrespectful to use them while teachers are speaking, so phones would only be allowed if the teacher the class to use them. Studies have that giving the students the privilege in using cellophane's during school have improved there accede records in multiple ways. For instance is an app thousands of teachers around the U.S use to remind students about homework assignments, projects, tests, etc. Most students do not chose to do their homework intentionally, rather they forget about it and are not able to do it. Remind allows teachers to send a quick message to all of their students in order to remind the kids.

  • A wonderful tool for entertainment.

    Once in a while the teacher might not want the kids to learn and have fun Friday or something. So obviously, they will say do what ever you want on your phones. The only thing that the teacher can say not to do is call your parents or text them.That will make the kids happy.

  • Students should be able to.

    Cell phones have many purposes and they can help students complete their work and they can get apps to help them on lessons and help with future lessons in math. You can look up facts about anything for any subject, History, science. That is my view on smart phones in class.

  • Allow them please

    We can use them in many ways. In society today, almost every middle school student goes home and plays on their smartphones. So excluding part of our daily life at home, from school, is not right at all. Plus we can use them in many ways. They come in handy.

  • Students don't stay focus

    Students are constantly on their phones engaged in social and 9 out of 10 they are just playing and taking selfies. If a teacher allows students to use their phones for research; they usually end up back on social media. This generation is addicted. You see it everywhere. People can't even work without checking their phones. Its sickening!

  • Smart phones should be allowed in schools

    Smart phones should be allowed in schools because it plays a vital role in society. If there is ever an emergency the kids need to be able to contact their parents immediately. If the school were to have a lockdown how would the kids contact their parents to come get them. When most people here smartphone the first thing that comes to mind is fancy gizmos and games. It would be better if the school provided a phone without any games, or fancy gizmos for emergencies. This is what I believe about smart phones.

  • It could be used inappropriately.

    Students should not be allowed to be used in school because they could be taking photos of other students without their permission. They might have taken an embarrassing photo of another student without them knowing and could post it on social media or use the photo to threaten the student to do stuff they might not want to do.

  • Only a distraction.

    We are paying $600 billion for a students education... They need to respect that and stay focused... If they leave school without having had learned a thing, they have wasted all that effort put into their education... When they go to school, learning should be it. You do not need to be playing Angry Birds on your smart phone or texting your 'bff.'

    If you need some high class technology for your lesson, the school will provide it for you.

  • Smart phones affect normal social development

    More and more studies are coming up highlighting how damaging phones are to the brains of children. Even though, we live in a tech world in the 21st century, adults can manage the resulting effects of living in a virtual world, children do not. They also do know moderation and restriction, and they are suppose to be learning how interact and socialize with other children, teachers and more in normal setting . Schools already use computers in the classroom to aid learning. Phones are not needed and parents of today need to stop blocking the normal development that children had in previous generations.

  • No,smartphones should not allowed in schools🏫

    Because if students bring cellphone so there should be an competition between them that who has the latest and hottest modal.It can also led to theft.If children's want to convey any information so schools have computers so they can conveyed throughit.If we say that students should bring cell phone to that parents can call their children in an emergency but parents can also call on school or in school reception.

  • Smart phones should not be allowed

    They are a big distraction from learning and education. They might help if there is an emergency but teachers and the office could have phones to reach families of the students. If it goes off in the middle of the class then the kids that are trying to learn will be distracted from the vibrate or sound of the phone if it is not turned off.

  • Its not needed

    Most schools already have computers and tablets in there system. The students can simply email each other or actual face to face talking. They can write essays at school and study there too. But for the less fortunate schools, they can take a libertie and let student use their phones

  • Theft may occur in school

    Theft may occur when students bring phones to school because the other students may get jealous so they might steal it. Because of that the school have to waste time finding who is the culprit and also it is a loss to those who lost their phone. So it is good not to waste time and just don`t bring phone to school.

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