• To help youre self

    While in class, yes. I believe that students should have to surrender their phones to their teacher at the beginning of class or keep them in a locker. Smart phones are useful to students to stay in touch with their parents throughout the day or for after school, but they are a major distraction in the classroom and shouldn't be used.

  • While in class, yes.

    I believe that students should have to surrender their phones to their teacher at the beginning of class or keep them in a locker. Smart phones are useful to students to stay in touch with their parents throughout the day or for after school, but they are a major distraction in the classroom and shouldn't be used.

  • Mental and physical health

    For me smart phones shouldn't be banned, But I wouldn't mind if it happened. If no one has their smart phone with them then you have to talk to each other. Our group of friends is generally not often on their smart phone. But sometimes it can be a distraction and then nobody listens to you anymore.

  • I think smart phones should be banned

    Do you know how much times peoples parents call their kids in the middle of class? It goes like this blah blah blah RING, Then the teacher makes you cancel the call the parent who called is worried because their kid is not answering. Then they panic even though they are the ones calling in the middle of class.

  • Why Use Phones? It can destract you. Think about the things you can learn in school, Not look at phones!

    Phones can be useful at times, That I can understand, But listen, If you won't ban this item, It can cause items. I am on France's Side to ban smartphones in school. It can cause distractions and can cheat while in math. It has a calculator and can give you every answer on the internet. Everything you learn in school wouldn't be important if you stick to phones. We must ban these phones in order to stop the cause to not ban it.

  • Disconnect from physical world

    I suggest they should be banned. Truly it has informative concent at the tap of a button but on the negative side, Students can use it for distraction away from the lectures which is wrong obviously. It also detaches you from the physical world and you remain engaged in the virtual connected social world. Truly a mess.

  • Ban them in school

    Fortnite, Instagram, Snapchat streaks and the like button are methods employed to entrap the smartphone user into rewarding behavior. The reward is the release of dopamine, Leading to an endless cycle of becoming addicted to the escape from our physical environment. Remove these tools during school hours and get young brains back to learning and conversing with friends without snapping them.

  • They're more than just distractions...

    I support the ideas stated above about smartphones being a distraction. They can also be used to disrupt a whole classroom when someone decides to play music out loud (and they do). This isn't the only reason to ban these devices from not only classrooms, but schools. Smartphones are the devices that are used for cyber bullying and harassment. The kids can't access porn or other adult sites on school wifi, but they can often access social media apps on their phones. By the way, if the kids use data and not the wifi, there's no way for the school to filter the content. The kid can literally sit there and look at a porn site while he burns through the family data plan. Back to cyber bullying and harassment...These are large problems. We've seen stories from across the country about kids committing suicide because they're not able to tolerate it. Schools here complaints about it all of the time and many have been sued for it. It's time to put some limits on kids' behavior with these devices. Frankly, I'd support a full on ban of sales for people under 18. Kids can get by with flip phones and the Internet on school computers with content filtering (including social media sites) or at home with parental supervision. It's true that not all kids abuse it, but enough do to warrant action.

  • I chose yes

    Do you now why i chose yes, do u know why i didnt choose yes, do u know why did i have to choose yes intead of choosing no, do u know why i dont have to choose no intead of not choosing yes, do u know why? That is beacause i like it

  • Smartphones are distractions

    Yes, they should ban the phones because even I stick to the screen way to long or way to much than I should. It is really bad for you’re eyes and body development. We sometimes waist or time doing nothing but just staring at our screen. Searching videos and liking pictures. None of that matter in real life such as opularity on facebook or instagram. We get suckt to the screen for hours and hours. We have to set limits for our own health.

  • What if something happened and your not available?

    I do not think it is a good idea. I think you should take your mobile phone everywhere. Otherwise, You can't be reached and you don't get any information if something bad happens. For example: You are at school and your father just had an accident but you cannot be reached.

  • Con or Pro

    On one hand totally against it, But on The other hand I think it’s also good. Couple of reasons Why they should not ban it is, If something happend after school he or she can’t call anyone for help. Or if they have to work on a project for school The whole night, And get hungry
    They can’t call a restaurant or anything else to go get food.
    And Why i think it’s also good Because students get distracted a lot by their phones, And also is The Reason Why student usually fail tests.

  • Phones are not the problem

    Everybody makes an big drama when we talk about phones in schools. They are not the problem in this situation if everybody had discipline when to use it and when to not use it, We had no problems with it. You can’t put everybody in the same place. Some of us sit on their phone in class some of us don’t. And in the school breaks in between lessons we should have our phones.

  • Bruh why me

    Smartphones need love. Tj anevb uvj j j h j jjWhy? Because using smartphone at school actually helps the student while study at school. With smartphone we can seek more lesson that teacher not teach, Find article that related to lesson, And many more. Of course smartphone have its bad effect but, As long as we can control that habbit why not?

  • For important work or for imergency

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  • Smart phones are useful in the modern life

    Students can meet many people through smart phones so that they can talk to them anytime they want. There are many ways to communicate with them on smart phones such as: Video call, Zalo, Facebook and so on. It helps them to know more about many kinds of people they will meet in the near future and improve their communication skills. As a result, They will be more active in the society in the future.

  • Have some discipline

    In my opinion phones shouldn’t be banned, People are becoming slaves to social media and it’s They’re own fault, Kids these days can’t live without a phone, Me personally I don’t really see the fun of scrolling Facebook all day.
    Kids should have someone telling them to get of their phone and go play outside just like a grandma would say.
    If phones get banned during school kiids will get home after a day of school and be on their phones until late in the night.

  • Have some discipline

    In my opinion it’s your own responsibility, It’s your choice to be a slave to social media.
    Get of your phone and go play outside, I almost sound like my grandma, But she’s right.
    I don’t think phones should be banned from school because if they take it during school the kids that are addicted will come home and be on their phones until very late.

  • In class yes, Outside class no

    I think it’s normal that when you’re in class you have respect for the teachers and their lessons and you aren’t on your phone the whole time. So that’s why I think they should be banned in class. But sometimes you really need your phone outside of class because you maybe have to send an important message or something else. It’s 2018 so everything is digitalized so it would be weird if they banned phones completely.

  • Phones aren’t always a bad thing

    I think it is ridiculous to ban phones from schools. There are still a lot of people who can control their phone use just fine. Also phones can be very helpful. For example I and I think a lot of other people too also use their phones to search things up they want to know real quick. It’s just really handy and not that bad.

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