Should smart phones be considered educational tools in school?

  • Yes and no.

    They should to an extent because they can be used as a calculator and means of finding new information for reports and difficult situations. However, it should not be considered educational tool if the student is abusing it and only using it as a means to text friends and no pay attention in class.

  • Only If Used Appropriately

    Smart phones could easily be considered educational tools in the classroom. The only problem with this idea, is the fact that many people are overly concentrated on their phones and not the topic being discussed or covered in the class room. Smart phones can only be educational tools if students are responsible enough to use them as such.

  • It is better if we use them

    YOu can play Kahoot with them so yes
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  • Should be aloud

    I think smartphones should be aloud because they are more than a mini toy. They can be used for cameras and other thing needed. In school my friend had a phone and he used it to film our report. That is why I think that smartphones should be aloud in school.

  • No, smart phone are more for entertainment.

    While there are educational apps that can be downloaded and used, it's best to keep smart phones out of the classroom. Technology is changing all the time, so teaching kids about smart phones is a waste of time, especially since they already probably know more than their teachers do about them. Additionally, they might serve as a distraction in the classroom, since kids would want to be playing games on them.

  • Smartphones Shouldn't Be Used in Schools

    While smartphones can be used as educational tools, they shouldn't be implemented in school levels below college. Unfortunately, heavy smartphone use hinders a child and teen's growth, so these devices should be kept out of the educational setting. Tablets are a better educational tool and are much more beneficial for students.

  • No, smart phones are not computers.

    A smart phone may be as smart as a computer, but it is not as big as a computer or tablet and can be an under the desk distraction. Cell phones should be unseen in the classroom because for the most part a student will not be using his or hers as an educational tool.

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