Should smartphone technology be used in classrooms?

  • Yes using smart phones would teach student responsibility,school safety, and honesty.

    First, It teaches children to take care of their phones and to be more careful of what they don on their phones. Second, it teaches school safety. Say there was and emergency and they couldn't contact their parent. They should be able to call their parents so their parents know their okay. Finally it teaches children to be honest during tests, children need to learn to be honest and not cheat.

  • Yes, using Smartphone technology would engage students.

    Teachers are already dismayed that students attempt to use their cell phones in class, which causes a disturbance. Instead, they need to embrace the technology because it is a way of the future. They can utilize Smartphone technology to engage students in the learning process and ensure that they know how to use the technology in their lives and future careers as well.

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  • Most of the posts on this side are ignorant, but...

    Look, you guys have no idea what you are talking about. Technology is only as good as the person leveraging it in an educational environment. But it has huge benefits if used correctly. No, chalk and talk is not a magical panacea that makes people sit up and take notice because the teacher is so awesome. In fact, quite to the contrary, even the people who established that form of education (Ben Franklin, for one) thought it was the worst idea, but the only one that would work given the numbers they were looking at educating.

    As for learning and fun, learning that is fun is far more engaging to the mind, and spurs way better retention and transfer to application. As well, rich methods and media allow learners of all ages to invest in learning, to understand much quicker because the chosen imagery, animation, demonstration, is far better in knowledge transfer than chalk board drawings and attempts and pseudo-eloquence.

    Unfortunately, you can't expect all students to simply have smart phones. Kids from richer families would be at a distinct advantage, broadening the gap, and disillusioning students. For that reason, I would say that unless we are providing students with these technologies, then we shouldn't be bringing them in the classroom. All you would need was one parent who was against their kids having phones, or a single family where they couldn't afford it.

  • No, because it would make distractions

    Education should be a learning experience rather than a fun one. Students shouldn't be allowed because they would get to easily distracted by sending text or something. There is no actual difference between writing an essay on a piece of paper or on a computer. By writing they memorize things easily.

  • No, it should not be used.

    Educations has gone on the same for thousands of year. Chalk pencil and paper. The education in the past was superior. All the new technology used today makes the students lazier and they learn less. The way it has been done in the past is the best way. In addition it is a waste of money.

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