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  • Smart phones should be allowed in schools

    Because kids can get on helpful studying websites and ask questions they think are stupid to ask the teacher also they could get on them when they cant get to a computer. We could use smart phones for textbooks instead of actual books because digital books are more mobile and helpful

  • School should get their own private network of smartphones.

    If the school would get their own smartphones and program them how they want to program them we wouldn't have to worry about if a student are doing things they are not supposed to be doing. Even if the smartphones weren't programed they wouldn't be able to get on such things like "Facebook" because most schools wifi have an Blocking Filter.

  • This is the future

    The only argument against it is they are distracting. As a student you cannot be forced to learn with or without a phone you will do what you want. In high school the internet was what got me through chemistry and history. If we are still using the same learning techniques from 30 years ago we will never grow as a society and our education won't improve.

  • They should be allowed

    Smartphones are a whole new level of technology that should be taken advantage of. Now, instead of hauling a huge laptop or going to a computer lab to look up a few things, they can just pull out their phone and so it there. This makes everything so much easier. Also, this an easy form of communication and an easy way of entertainment for the kids. The kids can't be studying all day during school, so they can pull out their smartphones during lunch or passing periods and have a little bit of fun.

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  • People are to addicted to phones.

    Once when I was eating I saw a family of four. They were not interacting together and was just on there phones.
    Also, one of my cousin is on his phone for awhile and doesn't really play with us. People shouldn't have phones and stop getting addicted to them. Anomuos

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  • Students wouln't be able to pay attention.

    Students would use the phones for texting friends, watching videos, facebook, twitter, etc. In todays world all teenagers are on is there phones; even littler kids. What is the point of them anyway, why do people need all the new stuff on them; that's what computers are for. Phones are for texting and calling people, not all the new stuff. I don't think phones should be allowed.

  • Kids will get on websites that they are not supposed to be on like Facebook

    I think you do not need smartphones in school because it will cause kids to get on websites that they are not supposed to be on. It is also a distraction in class and it can cause kids/teenagers to get bad grades. I believe it would be better without them.

  • They will be a cause of distraction

    I don't believe that any teenager these days can resist not checking his/her smartphone from time to time. Thus, the students will be distracted from the main goal, which is learning. And it might also cause social problems, because technology these days have caused a lot of problems and have been a main source of trouble.

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