Should SmartPhones be banned from kids under 10? If So, How?

Asked by: klicka
  • It should be band because. . .

    Children under 10 cannot control themselves. If no one is watching them and stopping them, They really could go on forever on a game. When people try to stop them playing, They are going to start screaming and yelling to give the phone back, And you do not want to. They will also look at inappropriate things and be bad when they grow up. . .

  • Need I say more?

    Children should not, Repeat, Should not own a phone under any circumstances. There are way too many ramifications for a child owning a phone. They could charge money without the parents knowing. Get bullied by internet trolls, And run into NSFW content on the internet. Children are not safe on phones, Or tablets for that matter.

    If they want to play games, Get them a Nintendo 3DS or Switch or something. Don't give them a phone. Phones are for teens and adults.

  • Cell phones too.

    Any type of mobile communication device holds more danger for kids than any benefit would justify. This is especially true for kids under 10. Fact is, Any benefit could be easily filled by other means or at other times.
    One claimed benefit is that kids could use it to call for help and how some allow parents to track their child/children. Thing is, Any place a child goes should already have an adult present and also have a land line to phone for help when needed. As far as tracking, Your only tracking the phone and not your child. Hypothetically, If a pedophile learns the child's cell number or contacts them in some chat room, They could simply pretend to be a child who lives in the area who wants to share similar interests in person. For all we know, The pedophile may even be able to track your kids phone. Thing is, If the pedophile wants to abduct the child, First thing they would do is take away the phone and either leave it where they found the child or place it in/on another vehicle to send anchorites in the wrong direction. The parent may believe their child is safely at the park or school so would not even bother contacting authorities until it becomes too late. Thing is, If you do as past parents did, Things like that would not likely happen. Do just let the kid go to a place or event, Go with them. If it's something that you can not attend, Make sure there is someone there to chaperone and that they greet your child. Make sure that you or another adult will be taking the child back home. If they are constantly in the presence of a responsible adult, They are highly unlikely to be abducted and if anything does happen, The adult would not only have access to a phone but would be more capable to tell you or others such as police important information.

  • I Believe So, As Phones have negative impacts on Children's Health.

    I can say I'm a little iffy on how to implement such a ban. But if dangerous items like beer and drugs have been banned, Phones can be as well. Phones are distracting, Addictive and inappropriate for children. I think only smartphones should be banned from children. Cellphones are extremely useful.

  • Yes, Yes, YES

    Personally I believe anything 12 and under (mainly because of the added social media ability- which most do have the phones that can access social media). I definitely agree though for those age 10 and under should not have phones.

    I'm in high school now, But when I was in 2nd and the 3rd grade pretty much most in the class had a phone and several had a Facebook and/or Instagram already.

    I don't have my own phone yet. My parent's set the age to 16 for me. Which I'm okay with since I am not in any rush- and I definitely do not want the smart phone- just a basic one for phone calls.

  • Bans are silly

    Do kids under 10 need smartphones? No. They don't, But that doesn't mean we should ban them. Negative health effects include: nothing. Before you say "Blue Light! ", Guess where else blue light comes from. The Sun. Should we ban the sun? Kids should be allowed to be on their own. I understand not wanting them alone of they're like 6, But if you're 10, I think you should be able to walk home from school by yourself. When you get into your teens, I think you should be able to go places by yourself. Smartphones are useful for that, Though not necessary.

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