Should smokers be allowed to get heart transplants?

  • BUT on a low priority list

    If there are no people who aren't smokers who could benefit from the heart transplant then it is better that the smoker get it than to just throw the heart away. However, since they are more likely to just damage the heart again they should be put on a lower priority list and only given a heart transplant if there are no potential recipients left on the main list.

  • Yes, I believe that smokers should be allowed to get heart transplants

    I do believe that smokers should be able to and have the right to get heart transplants. Even though smoking is a bad habit and a bad health choice, smokers are people too and need to be treated like people and not like a designated stereotype. If any individual needs a heart transplant, they should be able to get one.

  • heart transplants should be allowed for smokers

    smokers should be allowed to get a heart transplants because after all they are just humans and if they can afford it then why not. I mean lets say someone is smoker but their problem is not because of smoking or any smoking related issues, and what if they need new heart or any other cure.

  • No they shouldn't be allowed to get heart transplants

    These people who smoked and now they need a heart transplants. It's not my fault they chose to smoke.I have friends who were born with half hearts and need transplants.There is a 2 year waiting list,and just because this person is dying they kinda chose that life knowing cigerates would hurt them.

  • No they will abuse it

    If they need a new heart because they smoked and a child needed a new heart would you give it to the child or the abusive smoker? They have rights but if someone who has a future and needs a heart how can you say no? They made the bad choice they need to learn to live with it

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