Should smokers be banned from smoking in public places?

  • Diseases can kill

    Cancer and so forth can destroy your lungs and cause a 99% chance of dyeing. Yes its your choice to smoke but honestly are you willing to take your life away for it. I wouldn't take my life for it no way.
    My friend says: "it can kill" bye bye

  • Yes, public smoking should be banned.

    Smoking in public should definitely be banned. I would go so far as to say I wish it would only be allowed to take place in the privacy of one's own home, and only if children aren't present. It has been proven that secondhand smoke is extremely dangerous and can cause others to experience negative symptoms, including asthma, not to mention the more obvious lung cancer. There is no "good" reason someone should be able to engage in an activity that endangers the health and lives of other people.

  • No One Should Inhale Secondhand Smoke

    Smokers have the right to light up, but everyone else has the right to breathe clean air so as to not choke on someone's carcinogenic secondhand smoke. Smoking in public places should be banned just as other disgusting behaviors such as masturbating and fondling are banned for indecent exposure. Being drunk in public is banned, so why shouldn't smoking be prohibited as well?

  • Smoke does not stay in one area

    Yes. I believe that smokers should be banned from smoking in public areas. There is no invisible barrier that blocks smoke from moving out of the smoking areas into the area where others are inhabiting. I think that smoking areas in public places should be enclosed so that only those that wish to fill their lungs with toxins are able to do so.

  • It is effecting yourself and the wider community around you.

    You want lung cancer? Smoking is a great way to go about it. You want to blow $5293 a year on smokes? Start Smoking! Smoking is a huge worldwide problem and each country blows millions of dollars a year on smoking. I New Zealand, the average teenager starts smoking at the age of 14.6 years of age. That is shocking. And the sad things is, they don't need to go to a store and present their ID to the shop assisstant because some of these teenagers' parents buy them for them! This is a HUGE problem and we need to do something about it. PRONTO!

  • Smoking is bad

    I think it should be banned because if you smoke in public it effects everyone. Smoking can cause many diffrent types of cancer. If cancer kills you it effects your family not just you. So i think that there should be designated smoking places away from big crowds, small crowds, and just events.

  • Smokers are already regulated too much

    People who smoke, already are no longer allowed to smoke in most places. I think people worried about second hand smoke should stay in no smoking areas(the vast majority in the USA) I also question the research done regarding the harm of second-hand smoking. It seems very biased. Some people disgusted by smoking, which I kinda understand. The answer to this however, is not an outright ban. How would we enforce this? How is it moral to ban anything you don't like?

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Smokers should not be banned from smoking in public areas

    Smokers should not be banned from smoking in public places. This is because of the fact that the public designated areas are for everyone to use. If you are in public, it is implied that many of the dangers of the world are included. If people want to avoid second-hand smoke, they can avoid smokers in public.

  • Smokers should not be banned from smoking in public places.

    Smokers should not be banned from smoking in public places. Most public places have already banned them from smoking inside so many establishments set up outside smoking areas for smokers. However, now they want to take that away from them. I think the establishments will continue to lose money this way.

  • It should depend

    On what the owner of the establishment wants. If you're talking about government offices, it should be decided by a majority vote of the people, not by those who complain the loudest. An actual vote. If you're talking about privately owned businesses, it should be entirely the decision of that owner, and no one else. Anyone who doesn't want to enter an establishment that allows smoking, has the right to not enter it. That's where their rights end and the owner's rights take priority. They are the ones who pay for the building, the business, the loans, etc.

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