• Why should we pay for them?

    In Australia the budget says that australians will need to pay $7 for a visit to the GP. This is because of strain put on the healthcare system by people who smoke and have a bad diet/lifestyle. Because of these people australians will need to pay money for a simple visit to the GP, driving people away from simple needs.

  • They are herting themselves

    Why do we need to pay for them to just me killing themselves! They can try to stop then get health care but other than that they shouldn't. I am 13 years old and know that they shouldn't get it. I know that everyone should be able to get health care but when you are killing your own self it's not worth it!

  • no, they shouldn't.

    No, denying smokers access to healthcare would be cruel. It might be true that they did something that caused their condition to happen, but the same could be said about many other conditions and the cause being a bad lifestyle choice. This is especially true for diabetics and for people who contract STD's.

  • Nobody should be denied

    I do not think that smokers should be denied healthcare. I do not think that anyone be denied healthcare. If anything, I think that healthcare companies and employers should encourage and offer incentives to those who do not smoke and for those who wish to quit. Quiting is hard, and a lot of smokers wish they could quit.

  • Smoking isn't illegal

    Even though it's been proven that smoking does a lot more damage to someone then good, I still do not feel smokers should be denied any kind of healthcare at all. They still deserve to be taken care of like everyone else, even though they may have that particular nasty habit.

  • No, smokers shouldn't be denied healthcare.

    Even though smoking can cause health problems, it's wrong to deny people proper healthcare just because they have done something unwise. If we did this, we would also have to bar people who overeat or drink from having access to hospitals and treatments. It would be inhumane to reject people based on their lifestyle. It would not be wrong to charge them higher health insurance premiums, but denying access to care would be wrong.

  • No One Should Be Denied Health Care

    I believe it is morally wrong to believe a person should be denied health care based on whether or not they smoke. As a smoke, I know full well that smoking is bad for me. There are plenty of things in this world, that are bad for me. I don't participate in all bad things, but some I chose to. I have health problems that are in no way related to my smoking that I have to seek medical attention for on a regular basis. I am not less of a human being because I smoke. I deserve the same treatment as a non-smoker.

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