• Taxpayer money is at stake

    I definetely understand people deserve rights, but we are paying for people who are killing themselves. They know the dangers of smoking and they do it any way. Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for their medical health problems because of smoking. Imagine all the good things the government could do with taxpayers money if they dont waste it on smokers health care.

  • If there nice it doesn't matter what they smoke there good people =)

    If there bad no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good no good g NO GOOD! But there still people there just no good long live mcdonalds

  • Absolutely not.

    Smoking isn't a crime. It is a lifestyle choice of the individual, no matter how poor of one it is. It is not anyone's place to deny someone a basic right of life because of a poor decision they have made and continue to make. It's just ridiculous when you get down to it.

  • Smoking is not a crime, so smokers shouldn't be punished for it.

    It is ludicrous to deny someone a necessary service like health care just because you don't like their habits. People who think like that would take away your right to free speech because they didn't like what you said. And it shouldn't cost anymore to be treated if your a smoker either. Heart and lung disease costs the same to treat whether you were a smoker or a mine worker.

  • Smokers Deserve Health Care Too

    I think that it would be ridiculous to not give smokers access to health care services. Everyone should have access to them in my opinion. Denying someone of services is wrong. Smokers probably need more care than others since they have an unhealthy habit. As long as they pay for their health services I don't see a problem.

  • No, but they should pay more.

    No one should ever be denied health care, especially people who struggle with an addiction, which is what smoking is for many people. But it clearly does lead to health problems, and I believe it is fair to charge smokers slightly higher premiums because they do represent higher risks to themselves.

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