• Yes, because they are starting from almost zero.

    Smokers should get a new set of lungs because it'd give them a new lease on life. And, with new lungs, it would take many years to convert their new lungs into smoker's lungs again, years they probably wouldn't have anyway. If they'd smoke after getting new lungs, they are too addicted to quit so, at least with new lungs, they can enjoy themselves more than they did before the operation. It would take awhile for them to seriously damage their new lungs and, in the meantime, at least they can enjoy what makes them feel good.

  • Non smokers get our lungs, why cant we have theirs?

    Over 25% of lung transplants in the UK come from heavy smokers and about 15% in the USA do to. The latest studies have shown that their relatively little difference in function and just the same occurrence of disease. So, if a smokers set of lungs is good for a healthy person why can't healthy people give back. Sounds like a bunch of indian givers to me.


    Most people are saying that people should basically die if the smoke and had lung cancer, but if it was any of your family would you be saying that they should die just because they smoke? That's where people change there statement. Some of you say they chose to smoke but maybe, if someone had on little cigarette and they got addicted to it it wasn't there fault because they only smoked one and that made them want to smoke more. I think that people should be allowed to have one because we are all human! And most people smoke because there stressed.

  • Smokers should not be penalized.

    The government supports the selling of tobacco products. Cigarettes are legal drugs. You are legally allowed to take them (given that you are over the age limit), so why should a smoker be penalized for something the government permits? I understand that the government makes a lot of money off of tobacco products. However, smokers have not actually broken any laws and deserve to be treated equally and fairly within in the health care system. For all those people who are against this - what if it was one of your family members? Would you still be against it?

  • Not so black and white

    On the surface, this appears to be a very easy call, i.e.; smokers should not get lung transplants. BUT- even though lung cancer is a main contributer to lung cancer and lung disease, it can not identified as solely responsible, therefore in situations where an individual has lung disease and also smokes (smoked), it can not be ruled out that the disease has other contributors. I would say it should be investigated on a case by case basis and the Lung Allocation Score should (and does) take into account the individuals past behavior. This way these individuals can still be eligible for a transplant, but not at the expense of those who are very young, or have a congenital or genetic cause for disease.

  • Yes, if they can afford it.

    Taxpayers and insurance companies cannot afford to fix every problem. If a smoker wants a lung transplant they should have to pay for it. The act of smoking was a choice they paid for, and so the act of cleaning up the mess should be paid for by them also. This is like a slippery slope question, because if we give smokers lung transplants then we have to give obese people free liposuction. If this is a question not about who should pay for it, then yes, let the smoker get a lung transplant and if he continues to smoke then it is on him. Many people with lung cancer continue to smoke.

  • Yes, if they've stopped.

    If they've stopped smoking, then yes, they should be put on the transplant list just like anyone else. However, if they are still smoking, than they should not be given a new set of lungs to poison. If you make a choice to continue to kill yourself, you should not get to take away someone else's shot at life.

  • Everyone should have a chance

    Some people were exposed to smoking at a young age. Their parents would have them light there cig for them while they we’re driving or busy. That same person could have grown up and everyone around them smoked so they started. People work in factories using certain chemicals that did not help either.

  • Yes because they are human beings.

    For the judgemental nay sayers, if smokers shouldn't get lung transplants, should an alcoholic get a liver transplant? Should people who drink soda big gulps and get diabetes not get help? Should people who eat McDonald hamburgers and become obese not get help? Or the same people get heart disease and not get help? All people must be treated the same as we are all human beings. Judging people is not a factor for medicine. And it has been proven that most recipients of lung transplants are receiving lungs from smokers or former smokers, so is medicine all is fair. Judge your own family before you start judging others folks.

  • Everyone makes mistakes

    I believe EVERYONE should be able to have a lung transplant. Everyone makes mistakes and yes they do continue to smoke and that is their choice but when the rude awakening hits; people often wish they had a chance to do it over. Everyone has wished they could start over or redo something in their life, why take away that opportunity from someone who has the same desire?

  • NO! Unless it's at their expense!

    Part of me believes that the smoker of today has an informed choice whether to continue smoking and taking the risks associated, therefore, should not go ahead of non-smokers. However, I think it might be discriminatory not to let the patient be moved to the top of this list as long as it was legal and ethical to do so. But, as long as a smoker is nicotine free for at least 6 months, they can get one.

  • Live with your choice.

    A person who smokes knows that smoking is bad, so why reward them with a new set of lungs to ruin? There are many people out there who have lung disease not caused by smoking and never have smoked. I would not want my lungs to go to a person who did the damage on purpose. It would be like giving a person on death row a new heart only to know that he is going to die when he recovers. Let them die like the way they lived, by choice.

  • I am a smoker

    As a life long smoker, I know the damage I am doing to my body. I would rather see someone who was born with an unfortunate disease and have a chance at life, and take care of themselves better than I did. I made a choice, whereas somebody with cystic fibrosis did not.

  • They've already been given a good set of lungs.

    We don't live in the dark ages as far as awareness of what smoking does to one's lungs. My wife smoked for about 16 years but quit when we had our baby. The damage that was done to her lungs was done by her own choice. I love her very much but she should not be eligible for a lung transplant if she needed one to survive. God gave her 2 perfect lungs. Some people aren't so lucky. The same goes for me. Even though I've never smoked, I drank for about 12 years and any damage I've done to my perfectly good liver is my fault. We are both doing things to help correct the damage we did cause and hopefully prevent any major disease states later in life. Anti-smoking proclamation is everywhere. If you smoke, you're a fool and you deserve the damage that's comes with your poor choice of preoccupation.

  • Smokers should not be able to get lung transplants. Regardless if they've stopped or not.

    They started smoking with the knowledge of the effects. In this day and age it's hard to miss out on what smoking does to you. They knowingly kill themselves. We all deserve second chances, but if you're just going to hurt yourself, give the lungs to someone else. Someone else could use the lungs. Someone who actually didn't have a choice to become sick or not. You chose to smoke, you were aware of the effects and now you should deal with the consequences. It's harsh reality I suppose.

  • No smoker transplants

    Because it's their choice to smoke. It wasn't the non smokers choice to get hurt and one of their lungs got damaged. I think that they should put the non-smokers first. It's not there fault. But it is the smokers fault that they have cancer. People should take into account that there are other people who are not smoking and don't actually get the transplant.

  • Not hard to quit.

    All smokers know that smoking does serious harm to their lungs but then claim that they can't quit because they're addicted, however there are so many programs available for them. The NHS does a program where you can see how it's starting to improve your lungs and health. I used to be a smoker but I quit, no problem, in my second year of college when most of my friends and the people around smoked.

  • They are the ones who smoked

    They are the ones who started smoking so they shouldnt get one. They should have to wait until everyone who didnt get lung disease on their own to get one or buy one on their own. They shouldnt be able to take them from the people that had diseases that were not caused by them.

  • No

    As some of the previous delegates have said, you choose to smoke, you choose to make the choices that you make. You know that the behavior you're engaging in is wrong, so why keep doing it? How many ways are there to cope and manage situations in our lives, other than partaking in the ones that can harm you? Should you be allowed a second chance to live a healthier life?

  • What goes around, comes around

    From my point of view, smokers should not get lung transplants, because it was only their choice to smoke. There are many people who really need transplants because of their illness and better they will get lung transplant rather smokers. However, I can agree with an argument, which was posted by haighstreet and accept that if smokers need lung transplants, they have to pay for this.

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Anonymous says2013-04-26T09:51:03.587
Yes I do think that people should get lung transplants because what I'd it was one of your family members you don't want they to die do you??