• Yes, smokers should be charged with a health tax.

    First of all, smoking is bad for the smoker's health AND the people around the smoker. If they have to pay health taxes, there is a more chance of them reducing smoking due to the expenses. Plus, it will add up to a better health care when the smoker is in need. (which they obviously will be) Last, they pay for inconvenience they have caused to the people living and working with them.

  • Yes they should

    Well, Some of my friends like to smoke, most don’t. Non-smokers will probably tend to hang around more with non-smokers than with smokers, while smokers usually don’t care. Smokers need lots of money - because smoking is expensive and keeps getting more expensive - at least in Germany. They usually have a nasty smell around them, except maybe they’re women, which means their perfume and general good smell covers it. Their appearance alone makes other people cough. One of my friends is a regular smoker, and when I call him in the mornings - honestly, I can’t hear the difference between when he’s sick (no voice at all, like the last few days) and when he’s just ‘normal’. Smoking can kill.
    These people feel a lot better when the air’s clean. In the US they raise fines in certain public areas of several thousand dollars for smoking. Some are totally radical against smoking, and praise every raising of taxes on smokes with happy faces. The less radical amongst them, who still do hang around with smokers, hate the smell and sometimes would rather stay somewhere else, but it’s the friendship that counts.
    The effects of chronic cigarette smoking on insulin sensitivity were examined in 28 smokers and 12 non-smokers with Type 2 diabetes, matched as closely as possible with regard to sex, age, BMI, waist-hip ratio, alcohol consumption, physical activity level, glycometabolic control, diabetes duration and treatment. Following an oral glucose load, insulin and C-peptide responses were significantly higher in the smokers than in the non-smokers in the face of no significant difference in blood glucose levels.
    I tried to be objective (or rather negative on both) explanations of today’s words, but it’s hard when you’re a liberal-sometimes-radical-non-smoker.

  • Smoking is bad for you.

    I want my dad to live If it wasn't for smoking my dad could be living a longer life. Not that he isn't okay at the moment but down the line I just want him to live to see me fully grown up. I feel as though if there was a health tax, it would be too expensive for him and he might reconsider quitting the awful habit smoking is.

  • Good idea to Have them pay a higher tax

    It would possibly make more people quit smoking, and they should have to pay for all of the people's lives that they are possibly endangering. It would make them pay for others that they harm with their smoking. Some companies don't hire smokers, so if they can't find a job, then they won't be able to pay for cigarettes or for their higher health tax, so it would maybe make them more likely to stop smoking.

  • Stop smoking people

    You go along the streets while you see people smoking, it is spreading pollution all over and people can get sick. The government banned smoking everywhere. People must pay health tax if they smoke. It is not just because people say, there are good reasons why you should stop smoking. Firstly because it is injurious to health. Also it puts life and health of other people in danger too. Lastly it is very addictive and smokers have a chance of

  • Smokers should pay health tax

    Cigarette smoking is unhealthy for people and is the number one cause of preventable disease and death worldwide. Smokers should pay health tax because the numbers of cancer patients would most likely decrease, smokers would be less likely to smoke due to additional taxes and would improve the overall health, and the government would have a lower expenditure rates towards the health treatments for smokers. Smokers should pay health tax because an additional charge would hopefully help them consider quitting this unhealthy habit.

  • Smokers should indeed pay a health tax

    It is someones choice to smoke and they know the consequences of it; ill health. If someone chooses to do something that could lead in them becoming ill then they should be paying a health tax for it, also it harms people around them so if these people fall ill from passive smoking, it isn't that persons fault but the one that smokes so they should be paying a health tax once again

  • Not as Many Cancer Patients.

    If people had to pay a health tax there would be more money that you would have to pay if you did smoke. So if you didn't smoke there is more of a chance that you would not get cancer. Cancer is a very deadly disease that kills hundreds of people each day. So therefore I think that smokers should pay a health tax

  • Yes they should!

    I think that smokers should pay a health tax. I understand that its a personal choice but it is affecting not just them but others around you, and getting other teens to join in. Smokes also litter by throwing there cigarets wherever, whenever.Smokers are bad influences and should pay the health tax.

  • Why do we have to pay more for their health care?!

    Yes i know that smoking is usually done by a persons free will, BUT it is also causing the death of innocent people because of second hand smoke. Around 1000 non smokers die from second hand smoke, pets are at risk and especially children who breathe slower, still growing so their immune system cant help them out as much. This is killing the society.(these are facts about Canada)

  • Bad idea. Why would you?

    (I am a non-smoker.)
    All the government is wanting to do is get more money into there pockets! Why should they be able to get the money from poor people that just want to live there, whether it includes smoking or not? Why can't people see that smoking is a personal choice and should be left to that person only.

  • NO, just NO!

    While people continue to scream "let the smokers pay more taxes," they don't know where all the taxes are going. If they think the high smokers tax is paying for any healthcare, they are as dumb as the people who read things on the internet and call it gospel! While irony comes to mind, the pharmaceutical industry makes more money off the smokers taxes than healthcare. Or even education. Bunch of whining people - who lived in a time when it was glamorous to smoke, now crying like spoiled brats.

  • No, why create another bureaucracy?

    Every state already discourages tobacco use with huge, punitive excise taxes on the sale of tobacco products. A new health tax would not likely raise substantial money for healthcare. It would however, create another wave criminal penalties. Consider that this tax would require additional investigators to catch scofflaws and lawyers to prosecute. In the end, we have made criminals of the very people we are trying to save.

  • Not fair to tax smokers more

    We do not need the government telling us what is healthy and unhealthy. Why should an individual be taxed more simply because their personal choice is unhealthy? Eating fast food has proven to be unhealthy so do you think there needs to be health tax on fast food? What about coffee, or beer?

  • Smokers shouldn't pay tax

    Smoking is bad for you and can cause lung cancer however isn't fast food bad for us yet they don't get taxed. Obesity is rising in our country and in our kids. But what's worse is the availability there is for anyone to buy it. Also putting the price up is just increasing the popularity of the black market and things would just get worse from there e.g. smuggling, stealing, and even killing. So why not make it cheaper creating a different effect because the more you have the less likely you are to want it. People like things to be rare and unique from others and don't like to do the same thing over and over.

  • No, smokers should not pay a health tax.

    As a non-smoker I do not think smokers should pay any more tax. Most places already have rules about smoking in public places so, they should not have to pay on behalf of non-smokers. All smokers that have health insurance are already paying a higher premium so I don't see the need to tax smokers.

  • Yes!!!!!! Of course!

    OF COURSE they should pay more. They are harming innocent people. "NO!" "NO!" "YES!" America WAKE UP!!!! People are dying because of YOU. Yes. You smokers. We have seen proof of how many people are dying. If you want to "Accidentally kill people" You should pay health tax because you are doing this: :(

  • Smokers already pay enough on taxes, both State and Federal!

    On average, what a smoker pays for a pack of cigarettes is roughly 50%. In a state like Kentucky, this equates to roughly 2.50$ per pack, which is split between both State and Federal taxes. In my opinion because of the increase of places we are no longer permitted to smoke ,due to over-obsessive health concerns to non smokers, the taxes we pay should be reduced. An example for this. If a college goes to a non-smoking policy on campus, rather than allowing smokers to smoke outdoors, I would personally not want the tax money I pay on cigarettes to go to a place where they are banned. One last point is that actual scientific studies show that the effects of "passive smoking", especially outdoors, has about as much chance to give someone cancer as being exposed to sunlight over the course of their life.

  • Smokers shouldn't have to pay a health tax.

    Smokers shouldn't have to pay health tax because they already pay enough tax as it is to pay for the pack. That is like saying that homeless people have to pay mortgage for their box that they have or for the bridge that they sleep under or wherever they live.

  • We already pay federal and state taxes on tobacco

    The subject line sums it up. Smokers are paying for vice taxes on each pack of cigarettes already, on the state and federal level. We're already paying into this 'insurance', but in most place, the tax dollars on cigarettes don't go to healthcare. The tax dollars from tobacco go anywhere else but healthcare. Fix the tax allocation and stop complaining to us, we're already paying our taxes. How about you pay for sugar tax now?

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