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  • Smoking bans should be a local matter.

    Smoking bans should be a local matter. I think that smoking bans should be the decision of the local government and cities and not that of the United States government. I think that establishing a smoking ban will eventually hurt a business financially because fewer customers who are not allowed to smoke will not go to these establishments for long periods of time which will reduce the amount of money that he/she will spend there.

  • Blanket bans are ineffectual

    Every local region and area should be allowed to create their own laws if those laws only affect the people voting on them. A ban on smoking locally only affects the people living locally, so those are the people that should be allowed to decide for themselves what they should do.

  • Smoking bans should be handled on a local level

    Each area should enforce the smoking bans on a local level and follow the policies as set forth by the new laws. There should still be a blanket ban in place but each area should be responsible for the enforcement within the local boundaries, this would be something which makes the ban a local matter too.

  • What people do in another town is none of my business

    It affects me in no real way whatsoever if people are allowed to smoke in bars and restaurants in a different town. Granted I could vacation there, but you could say the same thing about another state or country. So since I have no significant interest in determining the smoking policy in another town my vote and the votes of my representatives should only bear on that question in my own town and not other towns. Smoking bans should be made at a local rather than state level.

  • Social Security Healthcare.

    Old people who smoke have higher health bills, than those who don't. Since the taxpayers all around the country (regardless of which state they move to) pay their medical bills (or contribute); it is logical to have a national policy on it.

    Smoking = a very slow form of suicide attempt.

  • No beacause that would never stop anyone from smoking which what we are trying to do

    Heavy smokers would do anything legal for a ciggarete so they would happily go out of town to smoke this does not help them as smoking is like a slow death. I can only say that local bans would not make a difference and that people should get together and try take the drug off the menu world wide. No one should be sold a self killing implement. Locally is not going to stop millions of people from dying.

  • No because there is no beneift

    Smoking bans should be nation wide in public places. This is because to allow smoking in public places is putting a lot of people at risk for disease that are not asking to be put at risk. There is no benefit to smoking so it should not be allowed in public.

  • Leave it up to the Government.

    I honestly prefer the idea of smoking bans staying within the Federal system. I have never been a smoke and that is one bad habit I am truly happy to have never picked up. The federal Government has done a good job with certain things and laws, including smoking laws.

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