• Banning it will create a black market

    Look at every drug we try to ban, and see how it turned out. Drug prohibition is a disaster. Whenever we try to ban anything, it just leads to a black market. It would be better to have legal tobacco, with it being well regulated and taxed, compared to completely unregulated black market cigarettes and resulting gang violence.

  • Yes it should

    Although I personally don't smoke because of its proven ill-effects, it is still a choice that citizens should be able to make for themselves. There is plenty of efforts made to inform the public of the dangers of smoking. Everything else should be left to the individual. The government has no business telling you what you can and can't put in your body except maybe for drugs that could cause you to do something to someone else such as herione, cocaine, LSD.

  • Do you want people to die just because a third-person is harming themselves?

    Do you want people (who do not smoke) to take up smoking and die? Furthermore, allowing people to smoke does not only harm themselves but also harms everyone around them. (For those who say that people have their rights to choose whether to smoke or not). Fine, let’s just say that you are a non-smoker and just because you were surrounded by a family member who smokes, you get lung complications in your later years. Do you think that it is fair? Absolutely not!

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Auragirl360 says2014-01-03T21:15:37.747
As I believe in free speech and things, smoking should be legal but promoted less.